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cost of living in france - Cost of living in France

Cost of living in France

Cost of Living in France

The students in France enjoy a variety of facilities and provisions at reasonable rates including basic amenities like food, accommodation, travel, studying and education, hence, making the cost of living in France affordable. It has several entertainment homes which also are affordable by any international student such as cinemas, museums, restaurants and may others. Apart from these there are also several places of education like libraries and the transportation facilities of France which are comparatively cheaper than other countries.

The various expenses for the living, accommodation, housing, education, entertainment and others for a single student living, but not living in halls of residence, is estimated by the French National Centre for University and School affairs and has given the rates of rent, food, transport, upkeep, university supplies, culture, leisure and others including the taxes the student needs to pay at the end of every year of his stay which turned out as a reasonable amount and it is easily managed by the scholarships the government provides to the Indian and also the international students.

Besides these, there are also certain expenses the student needs to bear in his/her first month like the rents in halls of residence, the housing bond, the annual home insurance, enrollment fees, social security membership, membership of a health mutual and tiny expenses for gas, electricity, telephone, etc. But the only thing one needs to have, is the will and the interest to pursue Education in France and a counselor like Confluence, for only when bond between you and us forms, it could take you to France with ease and let you live a peaceful and enjoyable life, so, tie your laces tight and join Confluence, for we’re here for you to fight.

Study in France

The amazing diversified cultures and traditions make study in France brighter and worthier enough. The numerous Indian communities, the support of government for the Indian students in the matters of living, housing and education is quite noticeable. The affordable prices of food, clothing, living expenses like rent, electricity are reasonable than any other country as competitive as France, thus making Cost of living in France manageable.

With eighty-four public universities and nineteen private universities, it is clearly comprehensible that the Study in France is affordable and in case, one pursues an education in a public university the burden reduces to a great level as the government bears a major part of the expenditure, about €10,000 per student per year. With the cost being as low as €183 for Bachelor programs, €254 for Master’s programs and €388 for Doctoral programs, it draws the attention of thousands of students in India to Study in France and achieves valuable and prestigious degrees.

Education in France

Although, the world’s fifth largest economy and also the fourth most popular destination for international students, international students are treated as fairly as the French students in terms of the amalgamation, respect, including fees and scholarships making education in France encouraging.

Despite being highly selective in choosing students for their five hundred public, private or mixed high schools which include courses like teaching, engineering, business, medicine, veterinary, agriculture and many others, it provides scholarships, incentives, internships and part-time job offers which mostly cut down the cost of education and makes the Cost of living in France reasonable. Apart from the public universities, there are some regional councils and higher education institutions that grant scholarships and financial assistance, hence creating a promising light for the Indian students to pursue high standards and levels of education in France.