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counseling for study in germany - Counseling for Study in Germany

Counseling for Study in Germany

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For higher study in Germany, a different kind of education abroad counseling is required. Germany has a very different education system and openness towards foreign applicants. In fact, due to the language difference, most programs need additional inputs by the students. But apart from that, there are many other differences which require that counseling for study in Germany is given that extra care. The Role of Confluence in education abroad counseling is very clear and we would like to tell you all about our methods and why you can put your trust in us.

Education abroad Counseling

Let’s understand the process of counseling and what type a student can expect from a counselor. Due to the difference between counseling for study in Germany and other countries, a counselor needs to give advice both on the financial and academic aspect. Most students expect to be guided through the admission and visa process and then fly but in the case of Germany, things are a bit different. Lifestyle plays a major role in this difference and students from foreign countries are expected to adhere to that lifestyle immediately. This is where Confluence is different because we understand what is desired and how to develop that in our students.

Counseling for study in Germany

To begin with, Confluence would advise you about the courses and admission requirements for an education in Germany. The difference is in the fact that we consider the season of intake, deadlines, location, admission possibilities also in account. Apart from that what makes counseling for study in Germany unique is the difference in their financial transactions. Confluence would help you set up a German Bank account and help you with other little titbits.
We update you regarding the Visa process. As you may very well be aware that getting a Visa interview date is very tough and it becomes important to qualify the interview even more but we will be there for you at every step and that’s our assurance. At Confluence, we are all about study abroad counseling, and we would help you in getting through all the steps from educational loans, travel arrangement and even accommodation confirmation! Getting an accommodation on arrival at Germany is extremely tough and we would smooth out the process as much as possible considering your financial as well personal comfort.
There are many other reasons to go the Confluence way but we assure you that the Role of Confluence in Germany counseling will cover the A-Z of your German dream.

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