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Benefits of Study Abroad Counseling for High School Students in India - Counseling for High School Students to Study Abroad

Benefits of Study Abroad Counseling for High School Students in India

High School is that time in a person’s life, when some of the most influential decisions need to be taken. Field of future education and potential career choices are decided upon at this point in time and central to this is College Applications. At this juncture, it would be best to make a decision based on the students’ passions, goals, and abilities. We at Confluence, help the student with career planning and long term goal mapping based on each individual student to ensure a successful and interesting college education and beyond.

What is the role played by Confluence?

Confluence helps school students with identifying suitable options for future course of study and career options. This is done based on a variety of diagnostic methods that help analyse each individual student. It also provides a variety of methods for students to not just identify their talents but also seeks to provide a support system for students. Through the following method, our counsellors are uniquely placed between parents, teachers and students and can share the student’s inner vision. This gives them a distinct edge as they set out to face the competitive world after high school.

What are the steps taken by Confluence?

Confluence provides a variety of tests, games, questionaries and other activities to 8th, 9th and 10th Grade students to identify their skill sets and abilities. We then meet students individually and help identify interests and goals that the students may have. By putting these two together, we can help the students identify focus areas that they will need to work on, so as to best develop and use the skills and interests they have while also finding the most profitable career options to do so.

Does Confluence work with schools?

We work with schools to connect with the students in their environment. By conducting sessions over a period of time, we get to know the students and their personalities. This helps build a better rapport between the students, parents, school teachers and our counsellors which facilitates greater planning and discussion. We conduct open forums where students can feel free to talk, open up and express themselves. This is a safe space and they are not going to be judged or criticised. Through such forums we have seen students gravitating towards their areas of interests and skill.

What are the benefits of this program?

Through our experience we find that today’s high school students face may challenges and issues, from parents, teachers, from peer groups and in themselves. This program offers the following benefits over the following stakeholders.


1. Students are able to articulate themselves very well and answer diverse questions. They are not just academically coached but show a growth in emotional quotient and interpersonal skills thus helping the student grow holistically.

2. They are more self aware which leads them to identify passions and helps them set their goals early on.

3. They become open minded, and can understand do’s and donts to realise the life they wish to lead.

4. Students tend to become more independent and can take responsibility for their actions and decisions.



1. Parents can understand their wards much better, and hence this leads to dialogue between them. This means that students can follow their ideas with suggestions and inputs from parents, teachers and our counsellors, instead of trying to follow the mass expectations of parents.

2. Children begin to share a better rapport with their parents, beyond education and career plans.

3. Parents are able to support the student and provide the right environment at home for the student’s path.


1. Schools don’t focus only on scholastic achievements and can help mould the students naturally.

2. Can help create a safer, healthier environment in school itself, where students spend close to 8 hours a day.

Therefore, this program offers unique benefits to parents, teachers, schools and most importantly, the students. It ensures their academic development, co scholastic enrichment and a holistic growth pattern for students in the formative years of high school. Thus, they become not just college ready but are placed at the best position to face life, after high school.

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