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Understand Counselling at Confluence

Established in 2005, Confluence has catered to the needs of thousands of bright Indian students and has enabled them to realize their dreams of obtaining world- class education in renowned universities all around the globe. We have strived to maintain the highest standards of quality and commitment to service and take pride in the fact that our sustained efforts has made our brand name synonymous with excellence.

In an increasingly busy world, not everyone has access to top order educational consultancy services. Especially, in the matters of education, it is imperative that students receive the best possible support and guidance. We have decided to make it our mission to provide top- notch services to every student in India having an aspiration to pursue higher studies in foreign countries. Since everyone cannot travel to our offices, we are proud to announce the launch of our Online Admission Counselling and Training/ Coaching preparation services.

Salient Points for Online Admission Counseling through Skype or Google Meet

  •  Get access to the best overseas education counselors irrespective of your location. For studying in your favourite course in your target university requires you to work along with the best people.
  •  Have all talks regarding initial documentation, university short- listing, financial statement planning, mock visa interviews and any other related topics with a dedicated counselor whose role is to help you secure the dream admit you were looking for.
  •  Schedule Skype calls with a dedicated counselor at a time that is to your convenience. All you need is to tell your counselor the timing and they will be there for you!
  •  Reduce hassle by uploading all your documents and transcripts by using the student dashboard. You don’t need to worry about couriers containing documents gone to the wrong address and other petty troubles.
  •  Monitor the status of your application online and stay well ahead of the admission deadlines of your target universities. Start to end- We provide you with a quick, efficient and reliable way to complete your application and admission process!

For any clarifications regarding admission counselling or to book a free online chat session to know more about our services, please contact: 040-33462727 or drop in a mail to: offers@confluenceedu.com

It has to be noted that the online services that Confluence provides are same as the services that we provide in our Hyderabad and Cochin offices. We strongly believe that location should not be a hindrance to any student and this has driven us to provide online admission counseling and coaching services. We adhere to the highest benchmark of quality and we do not differentiate between the both of them. For any assistance regarding starting your journey towards your dream university and embarking on a glorious career, please feel free to contact our representatives on the contact details listed above. You can also request a call on 040-33462727 & ask for online counseling by sharing gmail id or skype id.

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