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Courses for Summer 2018 Intake

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Courses for Summer 2016 Intake in Germany:

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Popular of Courses for Summer 2016 Intake:

Advanced Construction And Building Technology
Advanced Materials Science (Elite Graduate Program)
Aerospace Engineering (TUM Asia)
Biomedical Computing (BMC)
Communications Engineering
Computational Mechanics (with Elite Graduate Program)
Computational Science And Engineering (with Elite Graduate Program)
Environmental Engineering/ Hydro Science and Engineering
Espace-earth Oriented Space Science And Technology
Horticultural Sciences
Industrial Chemistry (Gist-TUM Asia)
Informatic- Games Engineering
Integrated Circuit Design (Gist-TUM Asia)
Microelectronics (Gist-TUM Asia)
Nutrition And Biomedicine
Physics (applied And Engineering Physics)
Power Engineering
Sustainable Resource Management
Transport And Logistics (TUM Asia)
Transportation Systems
Materials Science
Functional Advanced Materials
Facility Management
Civil Engineering
Applied Polymer Science
Automation and Drives
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Information System Engineering
International Automotive Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Product Development
Energy Economics Computer Engineering
Bio Medical Engineering
Industrial Mathematics
Energy Systems
Agricultural Economics and Business Management
Agro-Biotechnology (English)
Bio-mechanics- Motor- Movement Analysis
Food Economics
Nutritional Sciences
Drink Technology
Global Change- Ecosystem Science and Policy
Animal Sciences
Plant Production
Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering (WASTE) M.Sc-In English
Architecture and urban planning M.Sc
Civil Engineering M.Sc
Computational Linguistics M.Sc-In English
Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (COMMAS) M.Sc-In English
Computer Science M.Sc-Primarily in English
Electromobility M.Sc
Electrical and Computer Engineering M.Sc
Energy Technology M.Sc
Vehicle and Engine Technology M.Sc
Geodesy and Geoinformatics M.Sc
Geomatics Engineering (GEOENGINE) M.Sc-In English
Real Estate Engineering and Economics M.Sc
Industrial Real Estate Management M.Sc (IREM) (Part time)
M.Sc computer science
Information Technology (INFOTECH) M.Sc-In English
Infrastructure Planning M.Sc-In English
Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design M.Sc-In English
Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH) M.Sc-In English
Aerospace Engineering M.Sc
Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering M.Sc Georgia Tech.-German / English 
Engineering / microtechnology, Equipment Engineering and Technical Optics M.Sc
Mechanical Engineering / Product Development and Design Technology M.Sc
Mechanical Engineering / Materials and Manufacturing Engineering M.Sc
M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc Mechatronics
Medical M.Sc
Sustainable Electrical Power MSc
Photonic Engineering M.Sc
Planning and participation M.Sc
Simulation Technology M.Sc
Software Engineering M.Sc
Engineering Education M.Sc
Technical Cybernetics M.Sc
Technology Management M.Sc
Environmental Engineering M.Sc
Process Engineering M.Sc
Water Resources Engineering and Management (WAREM) M.Sc-In English
M.Sc Chemistry
Materials Science (Materials Science) M.Sc-Primarily in English
Mathematics M.Sc
PHYSICS M.Sc-In English
Physics M.Ed., Gymnasiales teacher
M.Sc Physics
Technical Biology M.Sc
History. Sources and interpretations MA
History of Art MA
Philosophy M.A
Sport Science- Health Promotion MA
Economics M.Sc computer science
Computational Linguistics M.Sc
Computational Mechanics Of Materials And Structures (commas) M.Sc
Automotive and commercial vehicle engineering (M.Eng)
Electronic and Information Technology
Computer science (M.Sc)
Clinical Social Work
Lightweight Design and Simulation (M.Eng)
Market-Oriented Management
Systems Engineering
Applied Computational Mechanics (ACM)
Automotive Production Engineering
Compliance and Corporate Governance
Marketing, Sales and Media
Chinese-european Economics And Business Studies (M.A)
Labour Policies And Globalisation (M.A)
Political Economy Of European Integration (M.A)
Agricultural Sciences
Applied Ecology
Drug Research
Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
Biological Oceanography
Climate Physics: Meteorology And Physical Oceanography
Digital Communications
Electrical And Information Engineering
Environmental And Resource Economics
Environmental Management (Ecology)
Nutrition And Food Science
Food And Consumer Economics
Financial Mathematics
Earth Sciences
Hospital Management
International Master Of Applied Scientific Dental Education And Research
International Comparative Sociology
Classical Archaeology
Marine Geosciences
Materials Science And Engineering
Medical Life Sciences
Media Studies Film and Television
Migration And Diversity
Political Sciences
Prehistoric And Historic Archaeology
Sport Science
Sustainability, Society And The Environment
Environmental Geography And Management
Business Chemistry
Economic Computer Science
Industrial Engineering Electrical And Computer Engineering
Bio Informatics
Ethnology / Social And Cultural Anthropology
Human Geography / Global Studies
Literary And Cultural Theory
Managerial Economics
Media Computer Science
Medical Radiation Science / Medical Radiation Sciences
Neural And Behavioural Science
M.A World Heritage Studies
Master Of Science In Automotive Engineering
Automotive Systems
Biomedical Engineering
Brewing and Beverage Technology
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Building Services Engineering
Computational Engineering Sciences
Landscape Engineering
Food Technology
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Philosophy of Knowledge and Science
Engineering Science
Production Engineering
Renewable Energy Systems
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Computer Engineering
Environmental Science and Technology
Industrial Engineering and Management
Business Mathematics
Applied Geosciences
Autonomous Systems
Biomolecular Engineering – Molecular Biotechnology
Computational Engineering
Distributed Software Systems
Energy Science and Engineering
Geodesy and Geoinformation
Information and Communication Engineering
Information Systems
International Cooperation and Urban Development
Internet and Web-based Systems
IT Security
Mechanical Engineering-Mechanical and Process Engineering
Sports science and computer science
Technical Biology
Technical Physics
Transportation (Traffic and Transport)
Environmental Engineering
Visual Computing
Industrial engineering technical specialist in civil engineering
Industrial engineering technical field of electrical engineering and information technology
Industrial engineering mechanical engineering technical
Political Science Governance and Public Policy
Sport Management
Technology and Philosophy
Economic Geography
Economics and Management
Educational Studies
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Environmental Planning
Functional and Applied Linguistics
Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Industrial Engineer 
Internet Technologies and Information Systems
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Sciences
Life Sciences
Materials Chemistry and Nanochemistry
Mechanical Engineering
Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry
Modern German Literature
Navigation and Field Robotics
Optical Technologies
Plant Biology
Plant Biotechnology
Production and Logistics
Science and Society
Science Philosophie
Structural Engineering
Technical Informatics
Water Management, Environmental and Coastal Engineering
Wind Energy Engineering
Chemical Biology
Food Chemistry
Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering
Engineering Education Building Technology
Engineering Education Electronics
Engineering Education Metals Technology
Personal development – professional and operational education
Sports Science
Information Economy
Technical Economics
Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Energy Technology
Restoration of old buildings
Functional and structural engineering – Engineering Structures
Mobility and Infrastructure
Regional Science / Spatial Planning
Resources Engineering
Electronic Systems Engineering and Management
Energy Engineering and Management
Financial Engineering
Green Mobility Engineering
Management of Product Development
Production and Operations Management
Service Management and Engineering
Optics and Photonics
Applied Surface and Material Sciences OMM)
Energy and Facility Management(EGM)
Innovation Management(IMM)
Nursing Sciences(MPW)
Social Work (MSA)
Building, supply, energy technology
Interior Design
Communication Design
Fashion Design
Business Management
Economic computer science – Information Management
Applied computer science
Digital product development engineering
Biological and Process Engineering
Environmentally oriented energy technology
Aviation Management
Aerospace Logistics
Mechanical Engineering Program
Renewable Energies.
Business Computer Science
Chemical and Bio Process Engineering
Information And Communication Systems
Information And Media Technologies
International Production Management
Microelectronics And Micro-systems
Automation and Energy Systems
Electric Mobility
Engineering Management
Information Technology
Logistics Management and Leadership
Social Work
Computer Science In Media
Medical Devices & Healthcare Management
Usability Engineering
Digital Media
International Management and Psycholgy
Information Engineering and Computer Science
Public Health
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Building and Conservation
Heritage Conservation and Site Management
An eco-friendly construction and operation
Urban and Regional Planning
Urban design – Revitalization of Historic City Districts
World Heritage Studies
Processing technologies of materials
Process Engineering – Process and Plant Engineering
Culture and Technology
Applied Chemistry
Applied Mathematics
Information and Media Technology
Euro Hydro-Informatics and Water Management
Forensic Sciences and Engineering
Landnutzung- and water management
Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy
Chemical and Energy Engineering
Data and Knowledge Engineering
Digital Engineering
Integrated Design Engineering
International Economics and Finance
International Vocational Education
Medical Systems Engineering
Performance Analysis of Sport
clinical trial management
Medical computer science
Energy and Resource Efficiency
Communication and Media Engineering (CME)
Energy Conversion and Management (ECM)
Process Engineering (MPE)
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Mathematical Sciences
Natural and Environmental Sciences
Social Sciences
Statistics and Methods
Nursing Science
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Communication and Information Technology
Community and Family Health Nursing
Elementary Mathematics
English-Speaking Cultures
Environmental Physics
Pedagogy and Educational Sciences
Information and Automation Engineering
Inclusive Education
Global Governance and Social Theory
Aquatic Tropical Ecology
Clinical Psychology
Professional Public Decision Making
Arts and Cultural Education
Art Media
Language Sciences
Marine Biology
Marine Microbiology
Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy
Medical Biometry
Media Culture
Music Education
Manufacturing Engineering
Health care, economics and management
Social Policy
Sociology and Social Research
Urban and Regional Development
Transcultural Studies
Transnational Law
Literature – Theatre – Film
Economic Psychology
Applied IT Security
East Asian Politics
East Asian Studies
Economic and Raw Material Archaeology
Educational Science
General and Comparative Literature
IT Security / Information Engineering
IT Security / Networks and Systems
Laser and Photonics
Media Studies
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Modern and Contemporary Art
Prehistory and Ancient History
Sales Engineering and Product Management
Scenic Research
Theatre Studies
Business Engineering
Business Informatics
Crop Production and Environment
Diversity and Evolution
Educational Sciences
Environment & Education
Environmental Engineering Science
Environmental Protection
Functional Plant Sciences
Good Governance
Livestock Sciences
Marine Technology
Media & Education
Medical Biotechnology
Microbiology and Biochemistry
Philosophy of Social Life
Physics: International Program
Service Management
Ship and Marine Enginering
Technical Communication
Work and Organizational Psychology
Construction Project Management
Exercise and health science
Computer Simulation in Science
Printing and Media Technology
Editing and document science
Energy Management and Energy Systems
Educational theory and social analysis
Childhood, Youth, Social Services
Quality Engineering
Safety Technology
Strategic Innovation in Products and Services
Transport Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering Automotive
Industrial Engineering Energy Management
Industrial Engineering Information Technology
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
Ancient Civilization Studies
Ancient History
Applied Cultural Studies
Computational Engineering of Technical Systems
Computational Linguistics
Computer and Communications Engineering
Educational Technology
Fundamental Mathematical Research
Historically Oriented Cultural Studies
Human and Molecular Biology
Intercultural Communication
Materials Chemistry
Materials Engineering
Media Informatics
Microfabrication and Nanostructures
Prehistory and Early History
Security and Privacy
Sport and Health Care Management
Environmental Sciences
International Cognitive Visualization
Management and Information
Spatial Ecotoxicology
Master Automotive Electronics
Electrical Communication Engineering
Environmental and Process Engineering
Health Promotion Science
Optical Systems Engineering
Social and Health Care Management
Electrical Engineering & Information Technology
Windows and Facades
Wood Technology
Wood Construction
Interior Architecture
Automotive Engineering
Creative Industries
Information Science
International Licensing Law
Mathematics for Finance
Media Development
Media Direction
Opto Technology and Image Processing
Plastics Engineering
Food Processing
Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries

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Courses in Germany

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