Do backlogs affect your study abroad plan?

In India every year scores of students pursue engineering and for them backlogs aren’t unheard of. Several of them have backlogs in some or the other semester of their engineering course. A common notion associated with backlogs is that it adversely affects the job search and also any plans of studying abroad. This may not be entirely true but to better understand how backlogs will affect your study abroad plan or your future read

Backlogs will affect your future in varied ways depending on which stage of your course you have them. For instance- if you have backlogs and yet you are able to complete your B.Tech or B.E. course in 4 years it won’t affect your career graph or your plans of studying abroad.

Likewise, if you were able to complete your engineering course in 5 years with backlogs, it still wouldn’t be a problem but do you know when will it be a major problem for you? Your backlogs will affect you if your course stretched beyond 6 years. Entering the IT industry becomes specifically reasonably difficult.

Now let’s talk in detail about how universities from different countries respond to the application of students who have backlogs in their course.

US: US universities usually prefer students with absolutely no backlogs. But that doesn’t mean your dream of studying in an American college is dead if you’ve had backlogs. In certain cases, they may make exception and allow up to 5 backlogs. The other thing that is taken into consideration is your GRE score. If your score anything between 315 and 330 and have a couple of backlogs you still stand a chance to get accepted in some of the prestigious institutions of the country.

UK: Even if you have 15 backlogs you stand a chance to get admission in reputable institutions of the UK if your GRE and IELTS scores are good. In fact, if you are able to reach band 6.0 in IELTS there is a high possibility you’ll be able to secure a seat in a college of your choice even with backlogs.

Canada: Different universities in Canada have different criteria when it comes to backlogs. Some universities in Canada accept applications from students securing 70% in Bachelors with up to 5 backlogs. Some other universities may have lower criteria of secured marks in the bachelors with more number of backlogs acceptable.

Australia: All the high profile universities in Australia accept less than 4 backlogs while the Go8 universities don’t accept more than 2 backlogs. Other private universities could accept 7 to 8 backlogs without any problem.


If you’re a study abroad aspirant and want to secure your place in a top-ranking college or university, you should start out early. Even if you have had backlogs during your graduation you could still make your dream of studying in a foreign university come true if you have the right guidance. Some university take your internships, research projects and other extra-curricular activities into account in your application. Get in touch with our well-qualified and experienced team of overseas education counsellors at Confluence to help you assist in your college applications.

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