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EBS University of Business and Law, Germany

#Program your mind at EBS

Just imagine if you could use 20% of your brain’s capacity. What wonders could you do? Maybe just learn the whole book in a couple of minutes or would crack the toughest exams and what not… we always want to do something powerful, appreciable, passionate, became a successful person. For all this, you need to stop first and imagine it. Einstein’s most famous quote, his integral part of all his observations-

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but Imagination encircles the world.”

EBS University is one of the leading private business schools that make you realize that you need to live in the feeling where you want to be and the attainment of your ideal is inevitable.

Ranking of Courses at EBS

The oldest private schools in Germany where 11 business languages are taught by more than 30 native speakers is the university that has a wide array of courses from the Bachelor and Master programmes to the doctoral courses to the executive education which not only focuses on dynamic profession than just professional qualifications.

  • Bachelor Programmes
  • Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc.)
  • Bachelor in Business Studies International Dual Degree(BSc.)
  • Law studies
  • Master Programmes
  • Master in Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Real Estate
  • Master in Automotive Management
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Executive MBA Management (Part-time)
  • Executive MBA Health Care Management

Meeting economists at the eye level and gaining the international experience of working in the corporate firms following the corporate strategies adds the real value to a student’s personality embarking upon the all-round development.


If we compare in numbers, EBS University has around 230 partnered universities around the globe- Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, USA, UK and the list is endless. These professional relations help the students at EBS to gain the opportunity of exchange programs and various scholarship platforms and sponsorships from academic and vocational level.

Proceeding towards the corporate network which not only provide the students with intensive professional atmosphere but real time industrial training giving them hands on projects is something highly valuable in a students’ life.






Fee Structure

Law studies 45190 Euros Written test `Personal Interview


Proof of German Language

Bachelor in Business Studies 43085 Euros Written test `Personal Interview


Master in Management, Master in Finance, Master in Real Estate, Master in Automotive Management


26040 Euros Bachelor Degree or equivalent of 180 ECTS credit points


Valid GMAT/GRE/EBSgrad

Master in Business Administration MBA: 23500 Euros

MBA Plus: 33,500 Euros

University Degree or equivalent

At least 3 years Working Experience

Good English Language skills



The motive of EBS is to empower and encourage students in academic fields, helping them to grasp every opportunity in their way. This is done by providing Scholarships which you can be the part of to fully fund your education at EBS, namely:

  • EBS Scholarship
  • EBS Scholarship for Women in Leadership
  • Paula Seipel Scholarship
  • Sport Scholarship
  • Stefan Krause Scholarship
  • Baker Mckenzie Scholarship
  • Latham and Watkins International Scholarship
  • Votum Foundation

#Good Funding even without a scholarship

  • Deutsche Bildung Fund
  • BAföG
  • KfW Student Loan
  • Student Loan of theNassauische Sparkasse
  • FESTO education fund
  • Career Concept education Fund
  • DKB student education fund

Reach EBS:

Website: https://www.ebs.edu/en

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