Education Counselor is a Rewarding Career

Think about counselling as a rewarding career, part-time or full-time.

Education Counselor is a rewarding Career!

Freelancing or Full-time.

On your Own or work for Others.

Career (Education) Counselling Is a 5000 crores business. (2020-21)

“The market cap of career guidance and counselling is currently estimated over 5000 crores in India.

The Total Addressable Market (TAM) of career counselling in India is huge as more than 400 million people in India need career counselling and guidance.

We need 1.4 million career counsellors to cater to such a huge population. Currently we have less than 10000 professionally trained career counsellor.”

Source: India Today

There is a need for you.

The Student is looking for admission

The Professional counsellor needs to realize his/her dreams

Your counselling cycle to complete the process. 

Learn here How to do it?

What you can do after course completion?

Once you complete this course

You have skills and knowledge to become a Freelancer. Or

Take up a job with study abroad agencies or educational institutions as a counselor, or 

Start a business on your own.

The decision at the end of the course

1. Start Freelancing

2. Look for Full time Job

3. Go for 3 months internship

4.  Or on your own start this business

You can take up an internship and become an entrepreneur to start up your business supported by Confluence, contact

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