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Higher Education in German universities is a matter of serious pride for the Germans. The university system is respected throughout the world and the German education system strives to live up to that respect every day. Be it an updated curriculum or a new field of research all are found during a student’s course of education in German universities. German university courses include science, arts and even commerce streams but what sets them apart is the weightage given to research and applied practice.

Even though engineering is considered to be the prime source of German education pride, all fields of education have benefitted from the contribution of German universities. Let’s take a look at the different courses and universities that Germany has to offer:

German university courses

German university courses range from Bachelors and masters in Engineering, medicine, and other mathematics-related fields to even language and other arts-related courses. Specializations like Ph.D.’s and advanced certifications are possible for most courses and almost all courses today have international student facilities i.e. courses are taught completely in English.

Even though a majority of the programs are still taught in German, programs in engineering are nowadays partially taught in German and partially in English as well. Research is promoted throughout all university programs and even country-specific research such as that of Afghanistan, which has been traditionally excluded from global research due to its conflict-filled history, is promoted extensively.

Students find during their study an opportunity to learn a new language as well as imbibe a new culture. Due to the close links between industries and universities research is sponsored heavily and this gives students more opportunities to explore new ideas. The professors are reputed to be more open and practical in their teaching approach thus their students get exposed to a different class of education. Engineering universities are traditionally divided into applied sciences and technical universities. Let’s find out the difference between applied universities vs Technical universities in Germany

Applied universities vs Technical universities in Germany

The Applied science universities are a more recent addition to the German education system while technical universities have been there for a long time. Though both of them offer a plethora of similar course in engineering, medicine, arts and management the difference lies in the type of degree that the student attains. The Technical universities are designed to provide students with the traditional approach to education as research is the prime focus. Students in such universities are usually seen opting for a consecutive masters or Ph.D. The teachings are classroom intensive yet bound with research as well as industrial work. The primary focus is to receive research-oriented output from students. There is a large network of such universities in Germany today and they have etched their relationship with several industries as well as international academic institutions during their history.

The Applied Sciences University’s, on the other hand, are few but their Industrial relations are more extensive. Even though students from such universities enjoy similar degrees the main focus is to attain practical exposure of work in Industries. Students learn from a curriculum which puts more emphasis on laboratory and internship work. Students are seen spending extensive time with industrial work and the output received is in the form of industry ready employees. So if your aim is to get involved with the industry after your degree this is the kind of university to seek.Thus with these options, Higher Education in German universities opens a new world for all students.

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