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cost of living in scotland - Cost of Living in Scotland

Cost of Living in Scotland

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To study in Scotland might prove to be costly if you don’t retrieve the information on the expenses beforehand. Tuition fees at most Scottish universities are free for European Union member countries while students from other countries need to pay the tuition fee, which is considerably low. If your plan is to study in Scotland, you must note that the tuition fees at public universities are lower than the private institutions in Scotland. The fee is very affordable, the only element that forms the major chunk of expenses is the costs of living in Scotland. Essentials in Scotland may cost a tad bit high in certain locations while in others they would seem extremely affordable. Let’s look at the different costs associated with study in Scotland and living cost in Scotland.

Study in Scotland

The tuition fee is not the only thing that needs to be covered when you study in Scotland as there are semester fees and examination fees that need to be looked at. Typical costs for programs to study in Scotland may go up to 9000 Euros and they might seem too much at the far sight. But here’s how you can counter the high costs and also effectively pursue your study in Scotland.

There are many scholarship options when you study in Scotland. Based on your financial condition, prior academic performance and other criteria you can get waivers and funds to reduce your cost of living in Scotland as well as other costs incurred to study in Scotland. Such scholarships are especially available for students from India or other countries which are Non- European Union members. However, certain scholarship schemes are available for each and every student who wants to study in Scotland.

Cost of living in Scotland

Cost of living in Scotland might seem a bit too high on the upfront if you are not prepared well enough to tackle the financial issues. In addition to that the unpredictable yet exciting weather conditions in certain parts of the country may also increase or decrease your cost of living in Scotland. As a matter of fact, the style of accommodation you prefer and budget of leisure you have kept aside will also play a key role in deciding your cost of living in Scotland. If you take up a university provided accommodation your weekly spend would be anywhere between 200-300 Euros per week including gas, electricity, internet and rent among other basic facilities. While a Private flat would be cheaper as it would cost 150-200 Euros per week but would be at a larger distance from the campus and may have additional costs associated with non-pooled facilities such as the internet etc. So decide with caution as the study in Scotland can be a life-altering experience.

However; the availability of a large number of waivers reduce your cost of living in Scotland by a huge margin and in most cases, you can cut down on your costs on yourself once you land there and get a part-time job while you study in Scotland.

For any further guidance on a study in Scotland please contact us, we at confluence will be glad to guide you through the whole process and help you accomplish your dream to study in Scotland.

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