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education in uk universities - Education in UK Universities

Education in UK Universities

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Experience of education in UK will add to you a sense of responsibility and initiative, and it will give you an insight into different cultures and ways of life. You will see new ways of fulfilling your dreams. You will also find it easier to communicate, make friends and work with people from all over the world.

To Study in UK can be the best decision of your life! Apart from its impact on your academic training, education in UK has tremendous value on the front personal experience that will broaden your horizons and propel your career to great heights.

The UK has a well-deserved reputation worldwide for providing high quality and highly respected education in UK universities. When you are choosing a course, make sure it is a reputed university or college that is in accordance with the strict standards set by the UK government and its education sector.

Education in UK Universities

It is very difficult to recommend the best education in UK universities as there are quite a few. The UK government does not have a ranking system for its higher education universities and colleges. There are a number of independent ranking systems. These can be useful, but bear in mind that they rank the education in UK on certain bases.

  • There are 160 universities and colleges in the UK that are permitted to award a wide variety of degrees to suit most educational aspirations. All fields or courses in the education in UK Universities have degree-awarding powers recognized by the UK authorities.
  • There are also over 700 colleges and other institutions which do not have degree-awarding powers but provide complete courses leading to recognized UK degrees. These are known as ‘listed bodies’. Education in UK universities, like these, are validated by institutions which have degree-awarding powers

Education in UK


The education in UK is made wonderful by the presence of England, owing to its rich heritage, quality educational institutes and the fantastic diverse culture. You may find that education, here, follows teaching methods that are different from what you are used to. Student life is made exciting not only with the high class education in UK but also with activities ranging from sports to all kinds of social clubs, nights outs and trips around England with your new friends!


Wales is a fascinating region and with a 3000-year-old history, it makes the study in UK worthwhile. The Wales International Consortium offers advice to international students looking for an exciting course. It is the only country in the world in which all of its universities collaborate in a not-for-profit union for international students. Education in Wales is quite flexible and diverse, which also offers the world’s leading research facilities embedded in some of the enthralling universities in UK.

Northern Ireland has two universities and six further and higher education colleges. One can find high standards of education in a close-knit community in this region. The universities in Northern Ireland offer plenty of courses and welcome students in thousands from over 80 countries each year. They encourage independent learning, with long reading lists and academic assignments.

There are many universities offering excellent study in UK. The most important thing that you have to do is prepare in advance, write the required qualification exams and in case of further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. At ConfluenceEdu we are always ready to help.

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