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getting employed in uk - GETTING EMPLOYED IN UK


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Getting employed in UK is not a piece of cake but, one can definitely clinch an opportunity if they possess the right set of skills combined with a certain level of intelligence and an open mind that accepts challenges.

Most students find a job almost instantly after completing their education in UK. Getting employed in UK is a big boost in anyone’s career! Of course, one has to be quite passionate in their field as well. Getting employed in UK will enable you to learn and explore something new every day.

It is not an easy task to get an employment in UK but if you are in the right field of education and during your course of study establish the right network then it should make it easy for you to get a job. There are many Indian communities who will be willing to help and in addition there will be career fairs held time to time giving you not an interview but a chance to meet the right people from the industry.


Employment in UK is much more satisfactory when compared to India or any other country. Besides multinational companies, universities may also provide employment to a certain extent. Depending on the funding, a university typically hires one professor per 3-25 students. According to the ideals of any reputed research-university, the university teaching staffs is actively involved along with the students in the research of the institution. In addition, the university usually has a very dedicated research staff that is flanked by a committed support staff. Generally, to get an employment in UK in the university as a member of the academic faculty, a candidate must first obtain a doctorate in the concerned academic field. However, some lower teaching positions require only a master’s degree.

Most of the administrative staff works in different administrative sections, mainly Student Affairs. But In addition to that, the university may also establish the central support units, such as a university library which also have a dedicated staff for smooth functioning giving students a chance at getting employment opportunities in UK.


You have to be on your toes all the time to grab the employment opportunities in UK. Being in good terms and staying in constant touch with your faculty gives a major boost to your chances of getting employed in UK. However, you need to be armed with a really impressive resume to spark their interest.

Post secondary institutions also employ graduate students in various teaching assistantships (T.A). In the US, close to 50% of graduate students are employed as graduate assistants at some or other point of time. These apprenticeship-like positions provide opportunities for students to gain experience in, and exposure to professional roles and additionally help funding their academic programs.

Students can also get employed while studying as an intern in some or the other company. So internship also matters  when it comes to employment opportunities.

This is all about employment in UK. The bottom line is – stay positive! Being pessimistic or backing out from challenges will surely detract your career. So be positive and stay alert.

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