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usa employment opportunities - Employers - USA Employment Opportunities

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Aside from the infamous Silicon Valley and Wall Street, the US houses some of the world’s largest companies, and consequently employers. Some of it’s largest employers include General Electric, Hewlett Packard and IBM. Most students are confused as to how the job market in the US will shape out for them, once they complete their studies. This varies depending on the the degree the student holds, the level of education they have completed (UG, PG, etc) and their academic and non academic performance in these courses. Engineering, for instance, is still largely in demand by many employers in the US job market. While it is true that people who do their MS in the US may need to take loans to pay for their education, most people who go to some of the good schools in the US not only get very well paying jobs in their chosen fields but also can pay off their debt in a maximum of 6 to 12 months upon completing their degree. Even with the Trump administration in place, Indian students and workers have not been affected. Employment is contingent on many factors and is viewed differently there, than it is here. Some things to look out for include:

  1. Many employers in the US like to see independent work that the candidate has undertaken outside of their academic requirements. Thus, independent research programs, internships and publications if any, that are genuinely driven by interest and talent are given a lot of importance.
  1. The school attended by a person also plays a role in the kind of employment a person may get. Thus, while choosing schools one should be careful regarding the credibility and the track record and the Return on Investment the relevant course offers
  1. Sometimes, it is also better to go to a school that is more likely to fund you and your endeavours

Employment in the US is highly respected, especially by the Indian society. Students need to be prepared for this market and thus should thoroughly research before their educational and professional journey to the US.

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