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Executive MBA Health Care Management at EBS

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Ever dreamt of getting an Executive MBA Health Care Management degree?

The part-time programme is designed for managers and aspiring young managers in the health care sector, who have as a rule completed a degree in medicine, nursing science, pharmacy, law, business and economics, etc.

A Masters in Germany, after a few years of work would be the best option to give a jump in the middle of your career.

Alongside their professional career they wish to gain not only an understanding of the structures and processes in the health care sector but also the ability to adopt a commercial perspective.

The Executive MBA Health Care Management programme is intended in particular for the following groups:

  1. Medical professionals
  2. Pharmacists
  3. Legal professionals
  4. Qualified specialists from other professional areas who need to address management issues in the health care sector

Executive MBA Health Care Management graduates assume management responsibility

  1. in hospitals, care and rehabilitation facilities
  2. at administrative authorities and the supporting organizations of regional authorities and health insurance organizations that are responsible for the health care sector
  3. in institutions responsible for conceptual planning in the health care sector

Admission Guidance for Germany, made easy by Confluence.

Ranked tenth globally for future MBA demand, MBA graduates in Germany are set to enjoy greater ease in finding that all-important first post-MBA job.

Obtain an Executive MBA Health Care Management degree that enables you to meet the challenges of the future to ensure stability in a rapidly changing environment.

Develop the management skills, you need to leave a lasting positive impact in the world through your actions as a manager. Learn how to manage successfully and responsibly, taking different functions, cultures, levels, and organizations into consideration.


Chase your dreams of getting Executive MBA Health Care Management, with Confluence.

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Admission Guidance for Germany

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