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Why study in Canada?

Canada is a large, multicultural country that is home to several top universities. A lot of immigrants call Canada as home and it is a welcoming society. One has to mention that there are a considerable number of Indians living in Canada and this gives a level of confidence to students who want to pursue their studies there.

What is the admission process?

Check the university website for the test scores it requires to pursue the course you wish to. Requirements vary widely by the type of university. You need to have your LoRs’, SoPs’, Visa Documents and Financial statements ready to receive an in principle approval from the university.

What is the education system in Canada?

Like we said, Canada has some of the top- ranking universities in the world. Usually, master’s degree takes an year for completion and it has an internship component attached to it. However, depending upon the course requirement or curriculum, you have two year courses too. PhD programs are commonly two- three years but might take additional time depending on a case by case basis. There are three batches of intake in general. Fall intake in September, Winter in January and Summer in May. Having said that, these are university specific and have to be checked.

What is the process to obtain a Visa?

You must obtain a letter of acceptance from the university you are admitted in. Students getting admit from a college in Quebec (a province in Canada) must get a certificate of acceptance (CAQ) from the Quebec government. Post this, there is an interview at the embassy or visa office where you have to show the relevant documents. Health test is also necessary to show that you are in good health to pursue your education.

Cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is low when compared to other developed countries and this is the prime reason it stays on top in terms of quality of living. Depending on your accommodation and lifestyle, you can live an austere student life at about 500$ per month.

Employment in Canada

There are ample International students graduating from Canadian universities. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program offers you a work permit for a period of time equal to the duration of your course. You must apply within 90 days of graduation. You are encouraged to take up temporary residence or permanent residence in the country. To apply for permanent residentship, you need to have at least worked for a year.

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