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Why study in Germany?

With over a 1,600 programmes and counting offered in English by German universities, a significant number of Indian students have been opting to pursue higher education in Germany over the past few years.The first thing that comes to mind about german education is that it is cost- effective. There are universities in the top 100 rankings of the world that take no tuition fees as they are state funded. Being a first world country, Germany is pleasant and welcoming to people.

What is the admission process?

The admission policies vary widely according to different universities. Some ask for GRE/ TOEFL scores. Some universities have interviews and tests specific to the course and the department. It is always better to go through such details in their admissions page. Enrolment process usually takes place around twice a year- March and September.

What is the education system in Germany?

The undergraduate education lasts for three years. Mater’s degree is typically for two years. A PhD degree takes a minimum of two years for completion with the

UG – 3 years. Masters- 2, PhD- min of 2

What is the process to obtain a Visa?

You need to have a letter from the college of your choice granting you admission.  Post that, you have to give an interview at the embassy. You’re usually asked to show an accommodation proof apart from other documents such as financial support statement and papers of health insurance.

What is the cost of living in Germany?

Like we said, Germany is a relatively inexpensive place to live in. If you are a student living on a tight budget, you can live a decent lifestyle 400- 450 Euros. Now, like any other places, the upper bracket is always dependant on your budget.

Employment in Germany?

Top companies have their headquarters located in Germany. The automobile sector, automation. medical and medical electronics are the few fields where lot of job vacancies exist. Post the completion of your studies, you have 18 months to find a job. This begins right after your final exams.

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