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  • Why Study in SCOTLAND?

Why study in Scotland? Well the answer to that question is quite simple actually. Scotland has some of the world’s best universities. As a matter of fact, Scotland has more world-class universities per person than anywhere else in the world. A major reason to study in Scotland is to be part of world-renowned research. Researchers in Scottish universities are responsible for many world-changing innovations, such as the MRI scanner and keyhole surgery. The high standard of Scottish education is reflected in the fact 99.9% of Scottish researchers are working in disciplines where world leading research is taking place.

  • Admission Process for SCOTLAND?

The admission process in Scotland is quite similar to the UK. In fact it is the same committee that handles it. To apply for an undergraduate course in Scotland you can apply online through the Universities and Colleges Admission Centre (UCAS).The application requires you to provide information about your education and employment as well as a personal statement and a reference, so it is a good idea to have this information ready before you apply.

  • Education System in SCOTLAND?

Scotland has a long history of universal public education. The Scotland has same meaning for college, universities and school as in India. Indians usually apply for university courses there. At this level, students undertake degree-level education that usually requires four years to complete. Students only gain qualification at the end of this period. Degree courses at Scottish universities cover academic subjects, while some can be vocational. Universities in Scotland encourage a greater level of independence, with the student primarily responsible for their own learning. Today, Scottish universities are leading the way in innovations in areas such as life sciences, medical research, biotechnology, and environmental sciences.

  • Visa Processing in SCOTLAND?

Some fact: Over 48000 international students choose to study in Scotland each year. Students thinking of studying in Scotland must comply with UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration) regulations, in order to gain entry into the country. International students (non-European and economic Area) must obtain sponsorship from licensed education provider in the UK.

  • Cost of living in SCOTLAND?

The best thing about Scotland is the education is not exactly free but quite inexpensive. That is the only country in UK where tuition is free. This helps students to save a lot while studying in Scotland. According to the study, the cheapest universities to attend are Scottish. Students need to pay, on average, £9,587 each year at Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and St. Andrews, which have subsidised tuition fees and give students free entry into student events.

  • Getting Employed in SCOTLAND?

Well, I won’t say getting job is easy but there are a few things we will say that would answer your question quite well. A Scottish education provides great prospects for employment. Employers highly value graduates from Scottish universities, with nine out of ten graduates finding employment or further study within six months of graduation. This is down to many of the education institutions working in partnership with employers, to fully prepare students for the transition into the work place.


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