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France Education System

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France Education System

All the Universities in France, may they be publicly funded or privately, have their Higher education streams divided significantly into: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate requiring three, two and three years respectively. The huge economy, the serious attention of both government and administrations of various Institutions towards France Education System  resulted in a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries to improve the quality and is called the Bologna process. The public-funded universities are as competitive and fine as the private universities are and the rich diverse courses they impart is surely remarkable.

Higher Education in France

The Higher education in France includes innumerable amount of worthy courses like Nuclear, aviation, art, science to many programs like research, graphic arts, 3D animation, woodworking, furniture-making, ceramics and many others which contribute greatly to the treasure of knowledge, the tremendous number of policies and facilities in favor of the International students which has been encouraging them to travel to France, the amazing diversity of the country and its people, the incentives and scholarships, the financial aid and opportunities like loans, grants, low tuition fees combined with the phenomenal institutions and predominant teaching capabilities thoroughly attracts students from all over the world including India, to pursue Higher education in France.

There are a set of top schools which are collectively called as Grandes Ecoles, which promote validated study to bachelors of all levels. There are several scholarships provided for international students, the most important being EIFFEL excellence scholarship program which attracts about half of the students from Asia, majorly India and China. You can be a part of such a world which bears the most enthralling system of the world at a very low cost of about 200€- 400€, only by joining us and we will successfully place you in the France education system, a field of high standards.

The quality of daily life, the variety and richness of French culture, the attractive scholarships and part-time jobs create an encouraging ambiance for Indian students including the international students from all over the world. Since a variety of people are pursuing higher education in France it is thoroughly necessary to have a perfect admixture of world-class higher education as well as intercultural understanding, which gave rise to Erasmus Mundus for personal mobility and cooperation between France and other non-European countries including its partnership with Indian universities.

Encouragement of Universities in France

In this regard, it is important to mention that 2,600 Indian students are currently pursuing study in France and this figure has undergone a sharp growth and has almost doubled over the past five years. To attract Indian students to study in France universities, remarkable efforts are put in by the government as well as by the various administrations preliminarily in two directions, one being the support for scholarship programs, which, in fact, turned out to be successful and growing for the number was doubled in 2007 and now it has reached great pinnacles and other is the support for Indian and French institutions to develop inter-university agreements. In a part of the world, where the expansion of university cooperation with India is a major priority and the country which bears the most enthralling system of the world at a very low cost of about 200€- 400€, to pursue an education in such France education system is a boon and is a dream come true. Join confluence, dreams surely come true here.

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