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To all those students aiming to learn game development in abroad universities, here is a brief about your upcoming career and the opportunities you will be getting along your path. Since the sector of gaming is emerging day by day there are a lot of new companies coming up with various games and to create these they require game developers. As a result, Our platform will guide and help you access some of the well renowned and best abroad universities facilitating Game Development courses.

Game Development-as a field of study

Game development is a computer and mathematics- a compact field that extends over the entireness of the many features involved in creating a video game. In addition, this comprises everything from concept and storyline to graphic design and programming.

In the first place, various video game development programs focus on delivering a strong programming groundwork to match the education in the production phases of the same. Moreover, this concentrates on the factual software development of the game arm international students who study game development to work on professional development line-ups, coding and interpretation of the next must-have label for gamers.

Current trends and developments.

Below listed are some trends in the field of Game Development. Before getting into the field one should have a brief about these trends.

  • “Feeling First” Design.
  • Streaming.
  • Streaming.
  • Apple TV.
  • Indie Love Spread Thin.
  • The Hype.
  • Mobile Gaming.
  • Incremental Console Upgrades.
  • Inclusivity.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Augmented Reality.

Employment opportunities.

After the successful completion of Graduate/ Undergraduate programs in game development, one can peruse their career with the following job titles.

  • Game Programmer
  • Game Artist
  • Audio Engineer
  • Game Designer
  • Voiceover
  • Project Manager
  • Game Publisher
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Game Animator
  • Game Marketer

Do video games kill the creativity of a child?

As far as creativity is concerned if a child is passionate about graphics and painting, drawing, sketching etc., then he/she might find this field much of their interest as the games these days aim to provide high-quality graphics with the best Characters designs, Costume Designs, Maps etc.

This field will also fascinate children who imagine things differently, the storylines of the games will help them grow their creativity more and more.

But as far as children who are more often interested in reading books, and growing their imaginations then this field will eventually kill their creativity.

Let’s go back to the decade of 1990 to 2000 where various PC games were emerging and were in trend for example GTA-Vice city (Grand theft Auto), Super Mario series, etc, these games are played by almost every 90’s kid. Furthermore, these games in their time had the best graphics and storylines which made the player play the game non-stop for hours. Some learned skills from these games and used them in the real world but on the other hand, some just wasted their time.

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