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How to select your course from the German university database

Visiting the German Universities sites is the first step in finding out the course/program available for bachelor and higher study in Germany. But which sites must you visit since there are hundreds of universities in Germany and across them thousands of programs? It is very important to make the right program choice which matches your requirements. And thus it might just get a bit too chaotic when you sift through so many courses and end up getting confused. Fret not, our study in Germany consultants are here to help you!

Higher Study in Germany

We at Confluence have our very own database of English taught programs in German Universities. Our Study in Germany Consultants will take utmost care to get you the course of your choice and its availability. But if you prefer to go through the courses yourself university database at DAAD-India would be of help. It has a collection of 16000 programs and contains most university information, but what should you look for while selecting the program for higher study in Germany? Let’s find out!

Study in Germany consultants

Typically you must select the course /program from universities in Germany based on your academic desires, fees, and scholarship availability, location and most importantly language criteria. Even though there are many English teaching programs in Germany, it might just happen that the kind of program you are targeting is partly or fully in German which would tilt your strategy. Though we would help you in that too! Our Study in Germany consultants has experienced professionals who make sure that you get a program that matches your preference and is ‘safe’ in terms of your selection.

So yes, visiting the German Universities sites might be the first step but we at Confluence make sure that we get you the best one!

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