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University education in Germany

The German university system is one of the oldest in the world and has set the standard for higher education in many countries.The degrees awarded by German universities after a study in Germany are highly regarded and recognized throughout the world by employers and academic institutions. The principal degree awarded in Germany for scientific subjects is the “Diplom” or Diploma, which is considered to be equivalent to the Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree awarded in, for example, the United States or the United Kingdom.

Most students aim at achieving the Diploma, which is a professional qualification. The “Vordiplom” – ‘pre-diploma’ – is an intermediate stage in Germany, considered to be roughly equivalent to the level reached for a Bachelor of Science degree in America or Britain, although it is not a degree. The German higher degree, the doctorate, is equivalent to any in the world.

German university

For the international student, an important feature of most German universities is that they do not charge tuition fees. University education in Germany is federally funded.

Another important and attractive feature of the German system is the freedom that you have to plan and organize your own work. Each faculty provides timetables and study plans, but the regulations permit students to individually vary the timing of courses and the content of particular seminars and projects. This enables you to construct a program of study that is tailored according to your own personal needs and interests.

Attendance at lectures and tutorials is for the most part not compulsory. But your course projects will be regularly assessed. These assessments, together with examinations, ensure that you meet the high standards required by the course.

Why study in germany?

Germany and its ‘study in Germany’ factor make it one of the most sought after study destinations in the world. The federal republic of Germany its diverse history, Industries and ever evolving culture have contributed in the formation of a welcoming system. Read More..


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