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5 Secrets To Admission And Visa Masters Abroad Universities - 6 Secrets To Get Admission , Visa for Masters - Abroad Universities

6 Secrets To Get Admission , Visa for Masters – Abroad Universities

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6 Secrets To Admission And Visa Masters - Abroad Universities

Most students who pursue a Master’s degree abroad after completing a Bachelor’s in India are subjected to an intellectual culture shock, because of how differently the system works. A lot of emphasis is given on intellectual honesty, plagiarism and analysis and this is only the differences from an academic perspective. Consequently, the Master’s degree can have a lasting effect on the student if utilised properly and that starts right from the applications procedure.
Confluence has been an organisation that has helped students perfect this process for more than a decade now and in this section, we will tell you how we can help you achieve your dream.

Individual guidance

While graduate applications do not require a counsellor to mediate between the applicant and the college, there is a great emphasis on referees – people who write Letters of Recommendation. Colleges may have different preferences for who these people can be and Confluence can help you decide how to choose and approach potential referees.

University Shortlisting

The Graduate Program scenario is such that there are a plethora of Universities that offer an even greater number of courses. However, applicants who do not plan to enter into academia need to be careful in selecting the right course combination at the right University. While degrees themselves may have been formulated many years ago, one advantage of graduate study abroad is the relevance of the curriculum to the current market. Hence, while students may have an idea about which subjects to study, our in house experts can help students design their ideal curriculum keeping in mind their plans for the future and the current job market. This can be used to select the best suited graduate programs and in the right universities. The face that Confluence also has partnerships with global leaders in the field of education is an added benefit that students can avail.

Financial and Funding Opportunities

Compared to undergraduate programs, there are more number of funded graduate programs. However, that doesn’t guarantee lesser expenses from the student if they do not plan ahead. Confluence helps to score through various programs offered by various colleges and their funding opportunities. Scholarships and Fellowships are common means of funding and a detailed counselling session with the experts at Confluence can help the student decide their best options. The student is also educated about assistantships and opportunities such as securing a TA position or heading a study group which help reduce college expenses.

Test Preparations

As with all college applications, there are some standard tests that are required. Any test for English proficiency (such as the TOEFL or the IELTS). The US, and some colleges in the UK may require a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or an Advanced Graduate Record Examination based on the course the applicant is interested in. For Business Schools in the US, the GMAT is required. India has some of the highest number of students taking these tests and a key skill required here is to have enough practise and approach the test in the right way. Confluence can help the student do exactly that and test prep is one of our crown jewels. Unlike undergraduate admissions, testing at the graduate level is a lot more seriously considered.

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose forms the crux of the writing section of the graduate application. Most colleges do not require more writing tasks, while some schools (such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business) require additional essays. This is where the admissions committee really gets to know the applicant and thus, is the easiest area where the applicant can score. A majority of International applicants are from India and hence, there is a great need to distinguish oneself from the crowd and the SOP is the best place to do that. Confluence houses experts who can help look at the SOP drafts of the student and can help the student to strike a match between the student vision of the SOP and the admissions officer’s vision. Thus, the student’s work will be a testament to the student’s story/narrative – something that colleges greatly prefer.

Interview Preparation

One of the biggest fears of students is gaining admission but not procuring a Visa or doing very well in all the written parts of the application before an interview. Interviews generally are an important part of this process and the Visa interview can be particularly daunting. Confluences specialises in coaching students about interview etiquette, and what Visa officers generally look for. Things like body language play a vital role and the student will be taught how to handle this section successfully without any pressure.

Broadly, these are the different sections of the applications procedure. At Confluence, not only do we provide these services at our offices but we provide identical services for outstation students as well. We are happy to conduct regular sessions through Skype and details of the same can be found here.
Contact us for any enquiry and we promise an enjoyable and hassle-free applications procedure before you begin your journey of higher education.

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