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US business schools see a continuously increasing number of Indian students aiming at getting an MBA in USA. The MBA factor is so popular world over that an MBA from a USA business school is considered to be a prime resource and is given a high position in the hierarchy. The positive trait out of all this is that US business schools especially love to have Indian students due to the English speaking factor and strong arithmetic background. But what does a student need to get admitted into a US business school? And what are the different types of programs available in an MBA in USA?

These are important questions which any student needs to clear before applying. Universities are very strict regarding candidate selection and make sure that a candidate is clear about what he/she will get in return from a MBA. So here’s a little guide to the world of getting an MBA in USA.

Getting an MBA in USA

There are many variations of MBA in US business schools. Each variation has its own fees structure and benefits in terms of learning. A student must be aware regarding those benefits because they might limit their scope of landing a job in a particular field. Variations such as Full-Time Traditional Two-Year, Full-Time Accelerated, Full-Time Distance Learning, Part-Time Evenings and Weekends, Part-Time off Campus, Part-Time Distance Learning, Traditional Executive Education and Other Executive Education have their own benefits and preferences in certain types of industries. It is thus beneficial to research beforehand about the program that would suit you.

In addition to this MBA in the USA have many specializations such as Marketing, Finance, IT and Systems, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing and Operations, Insurance & Risk Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Rural Management, Agri-Business, Entrepreneurial Management and Real Estate. Each program has its own admission requirements but broadly they are the same in every business school. Let’s find out more about the Admission Requirements in USA business schools.

Admission Requirements in USA

The prime most admission requirement in USA’s MBA is a 4-year undergraduate degree. Students who possess a 3 year one must complete a 1-year course making their degree equivalent, Apart from that, an exam like GMAT and GRE are a must in many schools. TOEFL scores or sometimes IELTS scores are needed to certify control and fluency over the English language. All theses exams require a good score but more than them what is required is a strong background.

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