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Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts

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Graduate diploma in Applied Arts (LEVEL 7) –A RIGHT CHOICE!

Study in New Zealand and acquire knowledge, Education in New Zealand and dream to complete Graduate diploma in Applied Arts (LEVEL 7) The Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts and Design) is a three-year program. In the first year, students explore a wide range of visual arts media, such as painting, print making, sculpture, and fiber arts or jewellery. Alternatively, they study digital design media such as photography, digital illustration, publication design, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, and web interface design. In the second year, students may specialize in a chosen media. In the final year, students research and create a major body of work. Undertake specialized study and practice that extends your prior degree work, or explore a new direction of activity or different media through project work.

Education in New Zealand for Applied Arts

What this program covers

In each year, students complete both core and body of work modules. Core or compulsory modules provide the cultural and historical context, and the practical business knowledge, that underpin all art and design studies. In body of work modules, students explore a range of manual and digital media to add breadth and depth to their chosen specialization. Intensive studio or computer lab work focuses on specific media – for example, contemporary jewellery, fiber and fashion, digital design media (print, package, web, motion, and 3D animation), and 2D or 3D visual arts media (painting, printmaking, sculpture and carving).To achieve the Bachelor of Applied Arts students must complete all course work, including all core modules, to a minimum of 360 credits.

Course costs

All students receive a small allowance for printing and photocopying. Materials and equipment are provided in studios and computer labs. Depending on the module chosen, there may be additional costs. Students will be advised of these costs when applying to enroll in the module.

Domestic Fees: $5,172

International Fees: $19,950


Art Teacher
Desktop Publisher
Jewellery Maker
Performing Artist
Print Illustrator
Website Designer


This program, Graduate diploma in Applied Arts (LEVEL 7) stresses on design theory and original academic. Students who choose to Study in New Zealand, those Candidates are required to undertake and complete a written thesis based on their research initiatives and prepare a body of work for final exhibition. Education in New Zealand will help students to possess an exceptional degree of motivation and a strong enthusiasm for design.​ The third year body of work would be the portfolio for your dazzling Designs. It could however become your stairway to a powerful career path in Education in New Zealand for applied arts.

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Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts


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