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preparation for us universities - Preparation to start your study in USA | GRE for US Universities

Preparation to start your study in USA | GRE for US Universities

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US universities have their own GRE, TOEFL or GMAT requirements. But all universities may not require all of them. Each exam has its own specialization and conveys a particular idea to each university. There are exams like SAT too but you must find which exams are really for an education in US, particularly for your course. These exams mark the start of your preparation for a study inĀ USA. So let’s find out more about some of these exams and understand why they are important.

GRE for US universities

The GRE is a globally respected test which tests a student’s understanding and reasoning ability. The exam’s founders made this exam for getting a common platform where students could be tested based on their mathematical and verbal (English) ability. The exam till date tests on the basis of 2 exams (Reasoning and argument based), Quantitative questions and Qualitative questions. The course is infinite but is bounded by use of English vocabulary and grammar for the Qualitative section and basic mathematics skills such as geometry and algebra for the Quantitative section.

The essays convey the student’s argument and reasoning ability and are scrutinized by the universities for understanding the student’s personal profile. Scores of GRE are valid for 5 years and are the base requirement for any course in most US universities. Mostly Masters Students are required to give this exam and a good score is very important as this is the first exam which is given as per US education system standard.

TOEFL scores for US universities

Exams like TOEFL assert the students command over English. This exam is compulsory for all students, unlike the GRE or GMAT which is only applicable to Masters or MBA students. The GMAT requirements for US universities, in particular, are only for MBA aspirants. Coming back to the TOEFL exam it tests the candidates listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities. TOEFL scores are important to convey how clearly you can express yourself. As courses are highly practical in the US education system communication is an essential part of the curriculum.

These exams require intensive preparation due to their score importance. Though you can prepare yourself, Confluence’s vast training experience and commitment to excellence would ensure that you get good scores for your admission.

We would be happy to assist you through the whole process and answer any questions regarding the GRE, TOEFL and GMAT requirements.

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