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Test Prep at Campus - Guide Lines on Test Prep at Campus

Understanding Test Prep at Campus

Have you heard of Test Prep at Campus Program? Test preparation is the most important part of any application procedure and at Confluence, we pride ourselves at not only being leaders but also innovators in this regard. After a decade of successful test preparation and after coaching many successful students, our most efficient offering is the idea of test preparation at the student’s home campus?

What is this Test Prep at Campus program about?

College admissions require many tests/exams as a part of their admissions shortlisting. The SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT are some of them. This is an innovative coaching method for students to maximise their time and effort and be the most productive they can.

What are the benefits of Test prep at Campus program?

This program is such that Confluence enters into a tie up with the partner institution (school, college, etc) and offers standardised test prep in that campus. Our expert facilitators are sent in and students can make use of our services from their environment. This helps students in the following ways:

1. Saves time and becomes a part of their normal routine.

2. Helps them focus along with their other academic endeavours

3. Regularises their study pattern

What are the services that will be available through Test prep at Campus program?

Facilitators and guides from Confluence will come to the partner institution and help prepare the students for the relevant exams. This will happen in x sections.

The students will first be taught any relevant concepts/ideas/material, necessary for the test.

Practise sheets and drills will be conducted where students can check how well they have learnt the concept.

Ample time for doubts and questions will be provided.

Mock exams will be conducted on a regular basis so as to analyse and provide the student with details of their strengths and weakness. Further, our experts will help them choose which areas to focus on and how much.

Thus, we help give constant constructive feedback to the student so that they can put their best foot forward during the test.

Since we will be conducting these classes and sessions in the parent institution, we will also be able to learn more about the student and their interests and habits from the faculty. This will help us give personal attention and cater better to the needs of the student.

We have always considered test preparation as one of our strongholds and this is a new step in this direction. Tests and exams are the most definite part of any application and can be easily surpassed by the student. We aim to provide those services that best help the student in doing so and pursue their dream educational options.

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