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Happy Women’s Day

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“Yes, I am a SHE. I am a female, a normal human being. Do you know that? Perhaps you do but do you consider it to be so. We are on the same level as male but still fail to get the equality we deserve.

womenday 300x300 - Happy Women's DayFor I am expected to an epitome of perfection, balance home, relationships, work, beautiful, smile and the list goes on. For SHE is supposed to be a balance. Balance, which is very synonymous to the very idea of sacrifice. This brings to me the idea of introspection. Am I really me? The set standards of beauty, the notion of an ideal female, along this line where do I stand is what a woman ends up pondering in her life.

A new day, sunrise a new beginning, we start all new. For in this 21st century I stand here as a SHE, with new and high hopes to conquer the world. I am trying to be me. I say it out loud that I am on my periods, you know why because it is normal for me. I want it to understand by people. Yes, I get it every month and I still work while I bleed without any complaints.

As a SHE I want to stand alone go out alone and be independent and live life on my own terms. For me being a SHE is my strength because SHE is Strong, Happy and Enthusiastic. For SHE does not only give life she herself is full of experiences.

Happy Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate who we are. Be you! The best version of SHE!”

Words from Vidya V

Artwork designed by Snigdha Taparia

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