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universiteis in usa - Universities in USA

Universities in USA

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You would be surprised to know that there are different types of Higher education institutes in USA. Yes, in addition to the traditional BS or BA or MA or MS or even PhD, there are different degrees or courses which one can attain. More importantly this distinction creates several universities in USA, which gives the students an option to choose a particular type of career like a corporate job oriented one or a academic job oriented one.

Even though universities in USA are very open and approachable, it is better to know beforehand the different higher education institutes in USA. Let’s know about them.

Universities in USA

The US education system is typically divided into 2 categories. Undergraduate studies and Graduate studies. The former takes care of people who have recently completed a 12-year schooling and now plan to take a university degree to further their career goals. The uniqueness of such places is that they offer different courses, ranging from 1-4 year duration, which is further specific towards the kind of achievement you want from them. There are colleges such as technical institutes which offer an associate’s degree and job oriented training or there are standard universities which give a Bachelors in Arts or Science as degree and a more academics oriented study. In addition to this students have the option to select subjects of their choice so that they can choose the kind of specialization they wish to attain.

Higher education institutes in USA

Now coming to Graduate studies. What the universities in USA mean by graduate studies is a Masters or a Ph.D. degree. Masters in arts or science can be achieved in a period of a 1-2 year and can be pursued. The course can also be a mix of academic curriculum and practical courses or completely academic or practical in nature. Furthermore, a Ph.D. can be achieved in 3-6 years, again it has different types of Ph.D.’s an offer.There are also certain other degrees such as Ed.D. (Doctor of Education), D.B.A.m (Doctor of Business Administration), and M.D. (Doctor of Medicine).

Thus Higher education institutes in USA offer a wide variety of courses for students with any taste or demand regarding the study experience. Whatever you have in mind we assure you that the education system and Universities in USA would satisfy your craving!

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