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Living in Canada

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The demand for Indian students in Canada is on the rise which marks the low living cost in Canada, good quality of Life in Canada and huge potential for Indian students in Canada. Indian students are seen as innovation liker’s, quick learners and coming from good academic backgrounds. Let’s learn about the cost of living in Canada and life in Canada in general as they are going to be the prime questions once you have planned to go there for higher study.

Cost of living in Canada

Undergraduate studies in Canada can cost anywhere between $6000 and $15,000, similarly, Graduate studies can cost anywhere between $7000 and $20000 and the reason behind this gap is that unlike other countries the nature of cost of living in Canada has some unique advantages. Cost of insurance is very less in Canada and it covers most problems but where you live matters a lot. University provided accommodations are small and cheap while outside accommodations are large and costly. The unique advantage of a university accommodation is that you get to learn a lot about the culture in Canada through the comfort of your university and you save a lot on transportation. Though there are many scholarship options available, it depends upon you to reach out and grab them. Thus, there’s a huge gap in costs of living in Canada.

Graduate studies in Canada may cost anywhere between $7000-$20,000 and Undergraduate studies in Canada may cost anywhere between $6000-$15,000 and the gap is due to the urban and rural city distinction, option of getting a scholarship etc., and through Scholarships the Indian students in Canada reduce it to a great degree. Insurance in Canada for students is very cheap and covers most problems; this is beneficial as it’s a compulsory part of the costs. Groceries, study material, transportation form other bulk of the costs but where you live really is the biggest portion. Students may choose to live in cheap and small college accommodations, which makes life in Canada easy and also save them the transportation costs or they may move to more costly and large accommodations with better facilities.

Life in Canada

Life in Canada is a welcome change due to the unique weather and travel opportunities. Each city in Canada has a sports tradition and offers a different culture. There are more than 90 languages which add to the depth of culture in Canada. The universities are present both in rural as well as urban settings which ensures that students can customize their stay in Canada. The sport loving lifestyle of Canadians ensure that you get to mix with them quickly as they are far more open to Indian students than in other countries. Universities also support a good life in Canada by providing for clubs and sports. They also promote intercultural activities and campus jobs for students to learn in a world class education system. Thus a low cost of living and a good life in Canada is accessible for students easily.

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