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servises of study abroad consultant for study in canada - Our Services for Students Aspiring to Study in Canada

Our Services for Students Aspiring to Study in Canada

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Our Services for Students Aspiring to Study in Canada

Study Abroad Consultants make sure that students aspiring to Study in Canada know about Canada and its Education System.  Life in Canada may become tough when you don’t have a friend to guide you into the  life that awaits abroad. In addition to the linguistic, cultural and climatic difference students need to be aware of their surroundings as well. Canada is similar to India in respect that each of its state has a unique characteristic feature about it but you might find yourself lost if you land  there unplanned. Study Abroad Consultants – Confluence understands your predicament and makes sure that our help reaches you well on time and guide you at all times.

At Confluence –Study Abroad Consultants, we make a routine out of knowing about and contacting various clubs, associations and hubs across Canada for Indian students. Similarly we constantly update ourselves with news regarding the schools, universities and campuses of Canada. For our Students cultural as well as comfort benefit, we gather information regarding conventions at Canadian Hotels and convention centers, so that they don’t feel lost in a new educational system. These initiatives are part of our study abroad awareness program and are aimed at making our students proactive and quick learners about life in Canada. Canada is strategically positioned for several countries and it makes travel across all of them relatively easy. Some students may even have to go for course work to other universities across Canada or in the USA and thus it becomes even more important to know beforehand what all you may or may not experience. For all this Confluence helps you at every stage.

Education in Canada- We help you through out

A study abroad requires a lot of preparation and execution during the admission process. Canada has a unique admission requirement and system of Education in Canada which every aspiring student must know beforehand. Confluence’s experience comes in handy here since we make sure that both you and your parents/guardians understand the whole process beforehand. We specialize in  Study in Canada Requirements thereby patiently helping you through the whole process and ensure that your case gets due attention and fulfill all basic requirements. In addition to basic requirements, there are other requirements like language testing or academic testing by universities. International testing standards are different from regular exams and Confluence helps in the whole process from registering to even get coached so that you get the best scores possible. More details on our coaching and training are available in the passage ahead. Confluence ensures that you understand the whole process beforehand and tries to best avoid any chance of failure. We strive to get 100% admission for all our students.

Confluence’s understanding of the Education in Canada and the  international examination requirements has made us develop free mock and online tests for aspiring students. You would get a fully solved and analysed result right at the comfort of your home. The free diagnostic test results help you understand your potential improvement area and also understand the marks you may score in the real test. In addition to that we have developed customized training material for our students which helps in focusing on areas which require extra effort. For the comfort of our students we provide coaching via classes or via online mode. Students who are working or are undertaking another academic pursuit or have special needs may take up the online mode and not lose out on any opportunity. Confluence aims to make education approachable for everyone and tries to improve the experience while teaching and thus learning.

There are many documents like essays, SOP’s, LOR’s that need to be submitted for admission into Canadian courses. Such documents need to be to the point yet polite and explanatory for which students often require help. So Confluence- the Study Abroad Consultants  have established a dedicated editing cell which helps students prepare all documents and incorporates all ideas and suggestions that are relevant for their admission. We strive to make a document which matches all requirements hidden as well as visible that are sought by the university.

To further our services we have made a consistently updated database of university programs and even customized our services for PhD or medical studies aspiring students. We cover a wide range of courses in all disciplines and we keep separate database for separate countries. Students are free to choose from this list on the basis of language, course, subject, university and simultaneously understand the requirements the university has with them.

Confluence- Study Abroad Consultants  at your side!

Study Abroad Consultants ,Confluence understands the whole process through and through and to help students overcome the tough visa standards or financial requirement has made a dedicated visa counselling service and education loan cell. Thus it would be clear to you that we have covered every step in the admission process, whether it is planning or execution, to the last bit.

Travelling to another country obviously involves a lot more than just landing from a flight and going to a hostel. You need to pre book accommodation, know about the area and university and also be prepared for any sudden change in weather. Canada has a different weather condition than India and it is important to know about the city that you are going to live in from that point of view. In addition to that the lifestyle regarding dining, working etc. is also different in Canada. For a new student this all is overwhelming to say the least and Confluence tries to soften the blow as much as possible by informing you what all one can expect in that country beforehand. We would help you at every stage from getting accommodation to arranging transport from airport and our communication with you will remain even after you get an admission.

For Confluence it’s not about getting an admission it’s about starting a new life abroad

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