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PhD in Canada

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A PhD in Canada is not a distant dream for students nowadays. This is due to the Canadian education systems welcome move to allow free flow of international students. Scholarships for PhD in Canada has become easier to acquire and PhD programmes in Canada are being customized for students. Let’s find out more about PhD in Canada.

Ph.D. programmes in Canada

An education in Canada completes one’s desire to study in a world class higher study environment. Canadian degrees are recognized internationally and offer its students many on campus jobs to support their living and save some money during their education itself. Students are given 1 year time to work after the completion of their desired higher study in Canada. In addition to that Canadian universities are known to encourage studies in various disciplines. Even the cost of living due to the cheap insurance charges is very less as compared to other countries. Climate wise Canada offers a plethora of travel opportunities and freedom for winter sports which promote a great experience while pursuing study in Canada.

A study in Canada or a higher study in Canada requires exam qualifications like SAT or GRE or IELTS respectively. But once you complete them, you are assured good quality education in world class universities. Canada has almost 150 universities and many more courses giving a very high selection chance for many international students. The high investment that is put into the field of education by the Canadian government ensures that you get a good chance at scholarship or funding. Canada also offers the unique option to work during the study which ensures that students can fund their life in Canada. This also helps students understand the work culture which is crucial for future jobs and thus impart a high standard education in Canada.

There are many universities in Canada which are considered amongst the world’s best and the PhD programmes in Canada, they offer, are of the same level. A PhD in Canada would open doors for one and all into the international market. Once a student pursues PhD in Canada, s/he must show proof of original work and complete their work in the fixed time frame. Some universities providing PhD programmes in Canada which are awarded internationally for their work so far are University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, Dalhousie University, Laval University, McGill University, McMaster University, University of MontrĂ©al, University of Ottawa, Queen’s University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and University of Western Ontario.

These universities and much more provide options for PhD programmes in Canada, students are expected to know about their domain but can be counseled regarding the same after they land in Canada. The focus that a student has regarding what to do after PhD in Canada must also be clear and matching with the university’s goal.

Scholarships for PhD in Canada

The universities are considered to be the world’s most funded universities for PhD in Canada. Students at Canadian universities pursuing PhD can receive many grants and scholarships from the comfort of their college and also work to earn their keep. Canada offers the unique opportunity to students pursuing full-time PhD to work part time and fund their lives along with their studies. The opportunities to work increased chance of scholarships further and grants can be collected based on your past academic achievements. All these options clearly point out to the benefits of doing a long course such as PhD in Canada.

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