How Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life?

How Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life?

An international degree is not the only reason to study abroad. Staying in your own country can help you achieve that. In addition to access to higher quality education, an exciting aspect of studying abroad is living in a foreign country and adjusting to a different culture far from home. The impact of this will be far greater than you can imagine, and before you know it, you will be an entirely new person. You may not be able to see the changes, but ask your close friends and family members who have met you after you have studied abroad.

Among the most valuable ways in which studying abroad will change your life, there are the following:

1.  You will learn how to live on your own

Despite how common it is in the West for people to live alone, it is very rare where you come from for young people to live independently. Therefore, when someone like you moves to a foreign country, oblivious to the ways and customs of living independently, things do not always go smoothly. From cooking your own meals to cleaning the house, keeping up with studies while finding part-time work, to budgeting, you’ve got it all under control! It’s fun to learn how to live on your own in many ways. It might not always seem this way, but once you start taking care of everything, your life becomes more organized and disciplined. You won’t transform overnight. However, you might change your lifestyle and attitudes.

2.  You learn to respect diversity

You meet people, not only from the host country, but also from other countries, who are equally ambitious, motivated, and energetic as you are. Students from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds can make friends with international students. Then, not only do you learn about new cultures, but you also begin to respect diversity. I don’t think people do not respect diversity in general, but you can only appreciate the true value of diversity when you are in a community with people from other countries and cultures. You also develop a strong international network, which will be very useful in the later stages of your career.

3.  You start thinking big

For many people the decision to study abroad is itself a big one. They may have never looked far beyond their own neighborhood, and always spent life in their comfort zone. Studying abroad means breaking all the shackles, as you will be experiencing challenges never imagined before. But that’s the beauty of it. Once you’ve decided to jump in, you feel compelled to see it through. And in doing so, when you meet and overcome many small and large challenges, your personality develops confidence. This is really important to boost your future chances in the job market, and at the same time this confidence allows you to think big. You are no longer worried about “ifs and buts” when you dream, because you know you are capable of overcoming all the hurdles.

4.  You gain a new perspective on the world

We’ve all heard a lot about every country, culture, and religion. However, we have never even come close to experiencing most of them. Why do we form opinions about them? It is unlikely that you would ever think of such a question, let alone answer it, unless you start seeing the world from a different perspective, and that is only possible when you are exposed to new things. As an example, a friend from India recently moved to Australia. Someone had warned him that he might not adjust to the new culture and people may not like him. What’s this? After three months in Australia, he’s already enjoying a good job and regular weekend parties. You gain a whole new perspective when you experience something first-hand, and that perspective is often different from your preconceived notions – as long as you remain open-minded.

5. The discovery of your inner self

Leaving home is the opportunity to explore themselves away from cultural and familial expectations and norms. You will  become more independent, life-changing developments in your philosophies and behaviors, and a growth in ‘intercultural competence’. essentially skills that help you communicate effectively with people from different cultures. 

Living and studying abroad allows you to improve your cross-cultural communication skills, a valuable asset in the workplace, where you may be working with different teams from all over the world.

6. A better focus on academics

You learn to make decisions and become more open-minded as a direct result of study abroad. 

The higher level of independent decision-making to greater academic focusing and more appreciation of the value of education, results in you  being more academically engaged after studying abroad. 

Essentially, that studying abroad makes you a better student, indicates that after studying abroad you are likely to value your education more and make better decisions surrounding it,  including course selection and potentially even deciding your major..

7. You will speak at least two Languages

One of the most tangible benefits of studying abroad is the acquisition of foreign language skills. Studying abroad goes far beyond textbooks and language apps and gives you complete immersion.

8. You’ll realize what’s necessary and what’s not

After you pack up everything you need into a suitcase, you’ll know exactly what’s necessary in your life and what can be left behind. In light of the baggage fees, you’ll have to live a simpler life during your study abroad trip. If you study in a different country, you may see locals living simpler lives, which may influence your lifestyle and consumption habits. You may be influenced by both of these factors to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

9. Those around will be fascinated by you.

This experience will not only allow you to learn more about another culture, but you will also be able to share your knowledge with others. Think of yourself as a cultural ambassador for your newfound friends. You better know what you’re talking about! You may be surprised by how much you know.

10. Awareness of Global current events.

When you come back, you’ll have to explain current events in your host country to family and friends as well. You may find yourself suddenly interested in topics that previously bored you, and you may adopt a new habit of always keeping up to date on current events. You may do it just to sound knowledgeable or because you now have more context around what’s going on outside.

11. You’ll be more appreciative of your own culture

When you first arrive in your host country, you’ll be psyched to start your study abroad adventure, but over time, you might start to feel twinges of homesickness. missed the food, language, and customs of your home country, all the things that they had once taken for granted.

12. Never take your family and friends for granted again

Part of the reason for homesickness comes from not having a constant line of communication with your friends and family when you’re miles away. The fear of missing out is a real phenomenon, and you’ll feel it even more when you’re on another continent. A friend might celebrate a 21st birthday, a cousin might get married, and you’ll be too far away to participate. The silver lining is that when you come back, you’ll cherish moments with your loved ones even more and maybe even call your mom back once in a while.

13. You may become expatriate

Ideally, you will love your host country so much that you will extend your stay beyond your study abroad program. Your field of study might offer you career opportunities.

14. Travel is always on your mind

Once bitten by the travel bug, there is no going back. It’s hard to turn back now.

15. Your international career interests will increase

The experience of studying abroad will serve as motivation for your international career if you plan to study abroad already.

16. You will, too, be a risk-taker

You take a big risk when you leave the only country you know. It could be the best or the worst experience of your life. Studying abroad makes you a risk taker, and employers will recognize this.

17. It is possible to make a complete career change

After studying abroad, you might not become a diplomat, but you might be inspired to change your career path.

If you travel to another country, you can explore other interests or get some perspective on your future plans. It’s easy to get stuck in the inertia of your college routine, but leaving it all behind might help you figure out what you really want to do with your life. 

18. You will learn to negotiate bureaucracy

If you have ever dealt with a financial aid officer about your Loan, then you know how frustrating bureaucracy can be. Imagine doing that in a foreign country, in a foreign culture, and in a foreign language. Making a simple phone call or extending your student visa is much more complicated when you’re in a foreign country. Getting through the complicated bureaucracy of another country may frustrate you to tears, but it can also be rewarding. Those who studied abroad had a higher level of functional knowledge, showing that their experience abroad gave them necessary life skills.Your business career will benefit greatly from this skill set after you graduate.

19. I guarantee you’ll be shocked by how small the world really is

After you’ve made the leap to go overseas, you’ll realize how small the world is. You will also gain a better understanding of your place in the world.

20. You’ll become a better problem-solver by bringing your creativity to the table

You learn new ways of living and being when you live in another culture.

It’s likely you’ll witness locals solving daily problems in innovative ways (at least to you). You’ll have to find new solutions to daily problems if you live in a country where familiar solutions aren’t readily available. 

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