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Ivy League - Ivy League Tour – USA

Ivy League Tour – USA

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Race for the Ivy League Tour– USA

The Ivy League Schools are generally viewed as some of the most prestigious educational
institutions, and are ranked among the best universities worldwide. The Ivy League has its
headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. The Ivy League is comprised of the following

  1.  Brown University
  2.  Columbia University
  3.  Cornell University
  4.  Dartmouth College
  5.  Harvard University
  6.  University of Pennsylvania
  7.  Princeton University
  8.  Yale University

Confluence Education brings to students a unique opportunity to visit these Institutions andexperience Ivy League, first hand.
Summer tours are conducted and students from all over the world are welcomed into the Ivy League Institutions. This provides for a global arena for intermingling of culture and creates an academic environment that is truly nourishing for young minds. Students and Scholars around the world are provided with this brilliant opportunity to experience the US education
and lifestyle. They become an integral part of the Ivy League family.
This not only provides for an enriching experience, but it also provides them with perks (like certificates and degrees) that help students become more desirable candidates for future opportunities (like scholarships or jobs).
Here, at Confluence Education, we strive to bring this opportunity to every student and to help them bloom to the fullest of their capabilities. Tours to US Ivy League is arranged by us in the summer months and we welcome applications from aspiring students for this truly unique, ‘once-in- a-lifetime’ opportunity.

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