How to make a compelling college resume/CV?

An impressive college resume could help you secure your place in a high-ranked college. It could be instrumental in winning over the admissions committee and getting your application placed in the ‘accepted’ pile. 

This college resume can be updated and later on used when you’re applying for internships and jobs for the upcoming phase of your career. The most intimidating part of writing a compelling college resume is getting started. Once you start, here are the elements that you need to include in your resume. 

Elements of a Resume for a College Application

A well-formed resume should give a brief overview of your academic grades, extra-curricular achievements, awards, interests, and past jobs/internships. It should also include details about your technical, interpersonal, and communication skills.

The main objective of the resume is to tell the admissions committee about your capabilities, skills, and if you have what it takes to be successful in your academic and social life at the college. Here’s a list of the elements that are essential to an impressive resume:

Heading: Your name, address, contact details, and if you have a personal website that is relevant to your academic/ career goals.

Academic Summary: Enlist the schools you’ve attended and the respective dates, along with your grades in high school. If you secured a high rank in the class including the same would be good. 

Extra-curricular Achievements: Mention all the activities you’ve participated in like music competitions, clubs that you were a part of, sports, etc. If you won awards and recognitions mention those too. 

Employment Experience: This part would include details of your past jobs, research experience, study abroad programs, or internships that you’ve ever worked on. 

Skills: Mention your technical skills (IT/ software), language proficiencies, communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills

Volunteer Experience/ Hobbies/ Interests: Lastly, you should include all the causes and non-profit organizations you volunteer for. Also, talk about your interests and hobbies.

Tips for Writing an Impressive College Resume

When you’re ready to write your resume, follow these tips to stand out in the admissions process:

Be Succinct: Being precise and describing your achievements, in brief, can steer your resume writing in the right direction. Another thing to be mindful of is to be direct with the language and avoid using flowery language.

One-page Resume: Make sure your resume doesn’t exceed a single page. If it does, make sure there is enough content to cover the second page.

Experiences and Achievements: Talk about unique experiences in your resume, which will help you set yourself apart from the crowd. Without exaggerating mention your achievements, awards, and recognitions. 

Proofread: Lastly, the most important step of the process that people often tend to overlook is proofreading. Don’t just check your resume yourself, make sure you ask your teachers or counselor to do the same.

An effective resume can help you steer your way clear to a good college. It is an essential element of your college applications, thus giving it equal importance can prove to be a game-changer for you.

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