How To Shortlist Universities to Apply?

How To Shortlist Universities For Apply?

Where you want to study?

To start, one should list out his/her priorities when it comes to the university experience they want. Some of these priorities may be University’s Ranking, Local Job Opportunities, Weather and Climate, Quality Of Faculty, Chances Of Admission and so on. 

One of the first things to do is to decide on which countries you’re open to applying to. This will help you narrow down your options from all over the globe to a selective number of countries’ universities. Ideally, one should consider 3 or fewer countries.

What you want to study?

Next, if you have already finalized your major/course of study then you can find the rankings of programs in those courses of study, and have a fair idea of which programs suit your needs and seem to be the right fit for you. If you haven’t finalized your course of study then you can consider applying to liberal arts colleges which will help you venture laterally into different fields of study.

Then it is up to the individual and what factors they consider crucial for their decision-making and shortlisting. For Example, class size, student ratio, campus infrastructure, facilities etc. 

Short Listing to apply

It is important to apply to colleges systematically to increase your chances of securing admission in a prestigious institution. A highly recommended method is to streamline your applications between dream universities, target universities  and backup universities, having at least 2 in each cohort. 

DREAM: Slim chances of admission.

TARGET: Likely and realistic chances of admission.

SAFETY:  High chances of admission.


With the help of this method, you can prioritise a list of universities that fit your requirements and cater to your needs. 

Don’t apply blindly it is waste of your valuable money and time.

One of the common mistakes made by applicants is to apply everywhere (15-20 universities) they like without any research or agenda. 

As someone who has gone through the admissions process recently, I can say that nothing good comes out of this as then you, after you receive your acceptances and rejections, will have a higher quantity of colleges to choose from but lower quality of acceptances because those universities may not be a good fit for you or your priorities. 

So the quality of acceptances should be chosen over the quantity of acceptances. Every university on your application list should be one where you can realistically see yourself enrolling. 


Counselor at the end of the day save your money and time and give you best options so go for the best one.

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