How to Study Abroad Success Stories?

How to Study Abroad Success Stories?

My University Application Story – Nidhi Sachidananda

Born in UK

I was brought up in the UK, then moved to India when I was 10 years old. Early on, I knew that I wanted to go back, so I decided to join an international school in Bangalore to pursue the IGCSE and IB curriculum.

8*th Standard is the right time to start planning to study abroad

I started considering my career options early on in 8th standard, as my subject combination for 9th and 10th was crucial to deciding my degree. I had always had a passion for Biology and Chemistry, however, was unsure of what career option I wanted related to these subjects. I decided to take Biology, Chemistry and Physics alongside other subjects in 9th & 10th, as this combination would allow me to have a broad range of opportunities when it came to my university application in 12th standard. 

Right time for extracurricular activities

During 9th and 10th, I made the most of my summer and winter vacations to pursue as many extra-curricular activities as I could. I won an anatomy competition, did Classical Guitar until Grade 5 ABRSM, worked as a volunteer at a school for children with disabilities, and attended workshops. During school, I was the vice president of the student council and the Prom Committee, and partook in many clubs. This helped me build my resume to a strong point so that I was able to talk about the skills I had gained from being a part of these clubs.  

11th is decision-making year for next course of action

At the beginning of 11th standard, I decided that I wanted to pursue medicine in the UK. I knew that this would be a very difficult task, as medicine is an extremely competitive degree and required higher grades, consistent academic performance and work experience.

Build Profile Look for internships

I decided to pursue work experience at a hospital in Bangalore and also completed an online course from a medical school in the UK. This gave me a good insight into what medicine would be like and strengthened my desire to become a doctor. I started researching the necessary tests I would need to take in order to Secure a seat, and realised that this would involve me taking the UCAT. The UCAT is an exam which is based on logical reasoning, abstract reasoning, situational judgement and other tests that test your intellectual capacity.

Next Entry Qualifications

I started preparing for this during the summer of 11th standard, and was set to take the exam in September 2020.

Start Preparing your SOP, Statement Of Purpose

At the same time, I started preparing my personal statement, and I made around 15 drafts which I kept revising.

Help of your counselor

Then, in October it was time to apply. I took the help of my college counsellor to apply on UCAS, following which it was a long waiting period till March of 2021. I received an interview in December, which I prepared for using books, resources and YouTube videos. Finally in March 2021, I finally got my offer and I was accepted into medical school!

See her meticulous planing and preparation to get what she wants. so she got it – What about you?

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