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stem - Important Areas of Study (STEM)

Important Areas of Study (STEM)

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While the US houses almost all the top courses and degrees across disciplines some of their top rated courses fall under the STEM category — Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. These are the areas of intense research which the US leads and offers a number of courses in these areas that are industry and academia relevant.

In the US, Medicine is a post-graduate degree and students need to complete a four year undergraduate program before they can apply to medical school. Sometimes, students take what is a called a “Pre Medical” track during their undergrad so as to apply for medical school.

In Science, most Universities offer only Doctoral degrees and a Master’s degree is only offered as an exit option to students and candidates. In fact, in the pure sciences, it is sometimes easier to get admitted for a PhD program as opposed to a Master’s program. What this means is that while students start a PhD program they are offered a combination of classes, lectures and independent research projects, thus combining a PhD and a Master’s course. At the end of two years, if the candidate feels they want only a Master’s program, they write an exit exam and leave with a Master’s Degree. Alternatively, after they complete their PhD, if they want a Master’s Degree Certificate in their field of study, they can acquire this certificate by contacting the University.

Technology in the US is a highly coveted field. Places like Silicon Valley have been, and are continuing to revolutionise technology and our usage. This silicon valley culture and the tech culture is also deeply intertwined with the start up culture that is prevalent in this region. Thus, students studying in these areas are offered great exposure to major corporations and small start ups alike. Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for instance are courses that are highly picked in Universities around San Francisco and the Bay Area since these places are very close to Silicon Valley itself

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