Industrial Technology & Operations

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Industrial Technology & Operations

The Master of Industrial Technology and Operations focuses on the practical application of current and emerging technologies, industry best practices, and the managerial skills needed to oversee a wide range of industrial operations.

Industrial Technology & Operations course

The Master of Industrial Technology and Operations is a course professional master’s degree that provides individuals with a broad knowledge of industrial technologies and operational activities, as well as the managerial and communication skills required to effectively manage operations, personnel, and resources in a competitive, performance-oriented environment. The curriculum focuses on functional activities, utilization of current and emerging technologies, and the development of critical thinking and innovative problem-solving abilities. In-depth study of industry-specific topics is achieved through completion of an industrial specialization in one of five areas: Construction Technology, Facilities Management, Industrial Sustainability, Manufacturing Technology, or Supply Chain Management. The program is a STEM degree that allows students to pursue a program of study suited to their professional interests and career objectives.

Industrial Technology & Operations career

Professionals educated in the use of engineering and manufacturing technology are highly sought after and will remain so for years to come. They continue to report high job satisfaction and populate some top-paying jobs in their industries.

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