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Innovation in Canada - Innovation in Canada

Innovation in Canada

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Canada is a country where research in its universities and colleges are greatly emphasised on and are undertaken seriously. Students get to experience research and how to go about it even from the undergraduate level. Canada is one of the leading nations in science, technology and research and simultaneously has an extremely competitive economy. It is the top country in the G7 for higher education sector R&D performance. Innovation and independent work is supported to a large extent which reflects in the economy as well, where entrepreneurs make up close to 20% of the labour force. In the 2017 budget as well, close to $2 Billion Dollars were allocated to strengthen science and research. Some of the areas in which active research is happening and supported include:

  1. Clean technology

Companies working on clean technology systems are actively encouraged.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The Pan Canadian AI Strategy is a move to acquire and retain extremely skilled people working on Artificial Intelligence and increase the number of post graduate trainees and researchers is underway.

  1. Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Technology

Quantum Computing institutes are being extensively funding and there is a project to extend broadband networks in Canada

  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  1. Agri – Food
  2. Health/Bio Sciences

In fact, as recent as February 9th 2018, the Prime Minister has pitched Canadian innovation as an alternative to workers in Silicon Valley. This comes after great restrictions placed by the Trump Administration on immigrant workers and Canada is making the best out of this move, for itself. There is also a greater push to establish equity within the tech sector with the Government explicitly putting out inclusive STEM policies so as to ensure greater representation and equality in all areas of research.

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