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Innovation in the US

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The US, undoubtedly facilitates innovation like no other country in the world and this is no mean feat. Not just in terms of technology or business enterprise but as a society, the US has a culture of questioning and innovation that is paralleled by few other societies. This has been the case for a long time and hence, it is not surprising to note that the cutting edge research and innovation happen in the US, and this is reflected in education practises and pedagogy. There exist a number of reasons that influence this culture and thus, contribute to the creation of an innovative workforce.

  1. Free speech that is guaranteed like nowhere else.

This helps discuss ideas and ventures without fear and from discussion, progress arises. This right is guaranteed to them, by their First Amendment and is formally called First Amendment rights. This right is protected to very high levels and while this may spark controversy now and then, it also helps foster discussion and great thinking.

  1. Rewarding risk taking

More often than not, high successes come from high risks and these are well rewarded in the US. However, this doesn’t make them a naive society. They understand the greta probability of a failure, but they look at failures as learning opportunities and put them to good use. People who fail, are not shamed but are encouraged to go out and try again.

  1. Education System

The education system in the US fosters independent, critical thinking and encourages students to ask more questions. Rote learning is strongly discouraged and most students even from the high school level will be asked to substantiate their views and opinions. This creates an atmosphere of creativity and dispels the fear of failure not just in classrooms but in the mind as well.

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