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Intern Counselor

Confluence is working with the interns from 2014, every year we invite decent numbers of interns to work in business development, web development, HR, Social media and other areas. Now we are inviting a 2021 year batch of interns for “Intern Counselor'' Internship.

  • Initial screening on Programs, Universities, Admissions, and Expenses.
  • Explanation of challenging points and mold them to meet the challenges.
  • Drafting student planner with execution chart.
  • Constant support for test prep aspirants via self-paced test prep platform.
  • Working with every student on each university admission requirements.
  • Communication with the schools and colleges about university webinars.
  • Assistance via an online dashboard from the start to enroll at the university.
  • Working with the undergrad and grad aspirants for FALL 2020, Spring 2021, and FALL 2021.
  • Each Intern Counselor is going to work with a specific student destination.
  • Motivating the students to apply before the deadlines of the universities.
  • Good Communication skills
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Active listening
  • Time Management
  • Students who are planning to study abroad can apply
  • Learn career counseling essentials.
  • Experience in universities, courses, and a wide range of academic streams.
  • How to counsel students.
  • How to figure out the problems and implementing the solutions.
  • How to multitask in a competitive environment.
  • How to share the information with others and explain in a concise manner.
  • Planning, executing, and achieving the goal of mentoring the student.
  • Become a trainer and mentor.
  • Work with NGOs.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Duration: 6 months