Is engineering the right career for me?

What do you enjoy doing?

Are you interested in engineering? Various characteristics can be attributed to specific professions: sales people are social, designers are creative, and engineers are good mathematicians. Life, however, isn’t that simple. Your success as an engineer depends on a variety of factors. Do you like to solve problems?

  • Are you always looking for new ways to accomplish things?
  • What kind of games challenge your mind?
  • Work with computers is something you enjoy?
  • What are your favorite challenges?
  • Have you ever wondered how things work?

Let’s get down to business. If you answered yes to the majority of the above questions. Then yes(! ), you probably do have the right mindset for engineering. In addition, it means you’re analytical, thoughtful,  and enjoy a challenge. Many other careers can benefit from those qualities, as well  as engineering. What’s next? 

What Do You Want to Do?

  • Would you like to make a difference in the world?
  • Are you interested in the challenges facing our world?
  • Want to improve people’s lives and help them?

Is engineering the right career for me? You probably answered yes here as well. You’d probably do well in a number of different professions, including engineering, if you are interested in these things. Your goal is to solve problems, improve systems, and make a difference. That’s great! How do you know if engineering is your true passion? l.

What do you dislike about your current role?

For all our students, prior experience helps shape the kind of engineer they’ll become. Think about the pros and cons of your current role. Consider how they might come into play in a new opportunity in engineering. No job is perfect. But if you tend to enjoy being hands-on with problem-solving and enjoy working with technology. Engineering might be a path you want to pursue.

What Kind of Engineer Do You Want to  Be?

If you are only considering switching to engineering to please your parents or to earn more money. You should learn more before making the switch. While no job is perfect. If you don’t enjoy the majority of engineering work, the paycheck or parental approval may not be worth it. Nevertheless, if this is your passion, consider concentrating on a specific engineering field. After you’ve completed your studies, you will be able to choose what kind of engineer you want to be. But it’s always a good idea to have a basic understanding of the options available.

Consult an Engineer

What does it take to become an engineer? What does the work consist of? Which skills are most valuable? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, then why not go to an expert? Reach out to your personal and professional networks. Are there any engineers you know or can you be introduced to by friends, family, or colleagues? Build a network of contacts in the industry and practice your networking skills. You should consider making contacts in a variety of engineering disciplines. If you’re still wondering what type of engineer you should be. It doesn’t hurt to have a large network. You never know, one may one day become a mentor (or help you land your first engineering job!).

How do I know if engineering is for me?

If you want to learn how to think like an engineer, complete some algorithmic puzzles,  crosswords, or sudoku.

The more you practice these exercises, the better. Solving these puzzles builds confidence in problem-solving as you go. Whenever you run into problems you can’t seem to solve, remember:

  • Know what you don’t know
  • Establish a process for analyzing
  • Building thinking in a systematic or iterative way


Study or work If you hate it, then leave it. Find out what is that you like to do at the earliest. So it is better to decide on your overseas studies or career.

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