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At Confluence, the overseas education consultants for Germany assist you to know everything about Germany.

Why confluence recommends you to study in Germany?

Germany is one of the highest performers in the European Union. It is not only known for its accomplishments in the field of engineering but also in history, medical sciences etc. Germany is perceived to be the hub of modern technology since most innovations at the global scale have come from there and its position amongst the global leaders has been increasing exponentially. This is why confluence overseas education consultants for Germany recommend you to study in Germany.

Life in Germany

Germany has a tight knit community of researchers as well as industrialists. Students get to be amongst them and learn from them. Each city in Germany has a unique culture and specialization which increases its diversity for all students. It’s about learning, travelling or meeting new people from different cultures you would get to do a lot of that in Germany.

Uniqueness of German education system: Connecting education with Industries

Education in Germany is one of the best education systems in the world. Students get intern and also work with world renowned researchers and industrialists which further their perspective. German education is further established with a large number of institutions and degrees catering to specific career goals, which further increases the quality of the input provided.

Advantageous of studying in Germany

German universities host a large number of research programs for its students so that they learn while they study. Studying in German is not mandatory. Most of the universities teach in English. So, you can study in English. Students can take up work as research assistants, teaching assistants or even interns in industries during their studies and afterwards as a professional.

Indian students in Germany

The Indian community is a vast part of the international people in Germany. German industries and academics is very open to learning from all parts of the world and they welcome people from India for their unique culture and background.

Living costs in Germany

Living costs in Germany may seem high but due to the stipend from internships and part time work students earn a lot more in return.

About Scholarships and free study in Germany

All levels of education have many waivers and scholarship programs for students. In addition to that the zero tuition fees policy helps students a lot since a major part of their educational costs is reduced.

Career opportunities after study in Germany

Language is not a problem anymore since most universities also conduct language programs for its students. Students get to intern and work even after their studies and the opportunities are not limited to Germany since students can even go the European Union countries. Germany has been facing skill shortage. Job vacancies in Germany is more.Hence, chances of getting a job is more.

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