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Master German Language in LANES Germany

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Lanes Germany provides students with various courses in languages focusing on mainly in training the international students in German language. Most of the universities in Germany take in international students with a minimum requirement in German language course. Lanes Germany helps international students in accomplishing this requirement through its exemplary course structures.

Why learn German language?

In an increasingly globalized world, a German degree gives students access to the language, culture, and marketplace of three leading European nations: Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.  Together, the inhabitants of these three countries, combined with native speakers in other regions of the globe, make German the most spoken language in the European Union and the tenth most spoken language in the world.

About LANES Germany

LANES stands for an individual language institute, which prepares students for a study or career in Germany. Their fundamental goal is to arrange a path that is as simple and as transparent as possible for applicants who wish to study and to work in Germany.

Get a global recognition through TELC certification

LANES is now TELC certified. Students who participate in their German Language courses are eligible to get a TELC certification. They also conduct exams for all the German Language levels that are TELC certified on campus. This will benefit the students to utilize the TELC certificates for their future endeavors.

Cost of living in Germany

Living expenses in Germany are relatively economical in comparison with other European countries. The German Student Association estimates the average student expenses to be around €659 Euro per month. The actual expenses might be slightly higher in larger cities while living in smaller cities or rural areas may lower the monthly expenses.

Student life in Germany

Life in Germany isn’t all about finances. It’s also about absorbing the culture. Germany was a late addition to the world map, in many terms it is still in transition from its old heritage to its new modernity. Architectural marvels adore the city and any history buff can’t fathom giving it a miss. As an Indian student in Germany you would find your hobby there be it in the form of an adventure sport, paintings etc. The community of Indian students in Germany is strongly connected in the form of associations and clubs and they constantly conduct orientation programs and parties to unite you with your yet unfamiliar interest in Germany.

Admission and visa guidance – Confluence will take care of it

Confluence consultancy can become your path to LANES Germany by providing you proper Admission and Visa Guidance to fly to Germany and learn German language.

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