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Life in Germany

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Life in Germany for an international student can be tough. In addition to the household responsibilities, and the added pressure of managing finances is omnipresent. But that isn’t necessarily the case for all students from India in Germany. For a student living in Germany the where takes precedence over how much, which means that the location decides what is the Cost of Living in Germany. Yet what is there besides the finances that make living in Germany a must do on our list? Read on to find out:

Cost of Living in Germany

One key rule to remember while living in Germany is to know your place. A place like Berlin would obviously have the higher cost of living than say, Leipzig. The studentenwohnheims (Dorms) would be more in numbers but the cost would be higher, the essentials would be costlier and transportation would be easy to catch but again costlier. In such cases, it’s more important to understand the benefits too. Berlin would definitely give you more options for everything and from the view of a future job might just prove more profitable thus costs can be managed but the experience becomes irreplaceable!

Life in Germany

Life in Germany isn’t all about finances. It’s also about absorbing the culture. Germany was a late addition to the world map, in many terms it is still in transition from its old heritage to its new modernity. Architectural marvels adore the city and any history buff can’t fathom giving it a miss. As an Indian student in Germany, you would find your hobby there be it in the form of an adventure sport, paintings etc. The community of Indian students in Germany is strongly connected in the form of associations and clubs and they constantly conduct orientation programs and parties to unite you with your yet unfound interest in Germany.
The Cost of Living in Germany might be varied but can be managed with part-time jobs, what is more, important is to experience the days as a student living life to the fullest, when you have a life in Germany.

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