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Master of Environmental Policy and Management in New Zealand

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Pursue Your Masters In New Zealand With Our Guidance

If you are interested in pursuing Master of Environmental Policy and Management in New Zealand, get the best Study in New Zealand Guidance with the Education in New Zealand Consultants. This study program provides students with a complete understanding of the principles and practice of environmental policy, planning and governance. In the third millennium, responding effectively to environmental problems involves far more than the application of scientific knowledge or the ‘top-down’ regulation of people and their environments. Responding to contemporary environmental problems in the complex, multi-jurisdictional domain of environmental management, government policies must be negotiated with and implemented through diverse private sector agents and a differentiated civil society.

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The Education consultants are here to guide you with the best information of the course you are planning to take up. They will also guide you through the admission process, also giving you the details of the requirements to get into the stream of your choice (master of Environmental Policy and Management). In this course Managing environmental problem entails a new set of approaches, including government, public-private partnerships, economic tools and incentives, democratic decentralization and risk management. The program addresses how the major environmental issues of our time -global warming, water shortages, deforestation and the like – are to be managed – now and into the future. The programs are targeted at three distinct audiences: Recent graduates seeking a career in environmental management, Mid-career professionals looking to update their knowledge in the fast-changing domain of environmental governance and management and those wishing to undertake further research on these topics.

Master Of Environmental Policy And Management In New Zealand, A Good Study Programme

The Students undertaking Master of Environmental Policy and Management will be able to choose between two streams:
Stream 1: students complete 36 units of coursework and a 12 unit dissertation, with supervision framed within a research project discussion group.
Stream 2: students complete 24 units of coursework and a 24 unit dissertation, with a designated supervisor, while also attending the research project discussion group meetings
Students in both streams complete 2 core courses equivalent to 12 units of coursework and they can choose from a range of electives to complete their requisite coursework component.

Have The Best Career Choices

The Master of Environmental Policy and Management in New Zealand, gives students a wide range of career opportunities like Project Officer, Environmental Consultant, Policy Adviser, Environmental Management, Environmental Project Officer also Graduates of the program will be well equipped to take up senior policy roles in government and a variety of roles in environmental management for government agencies, industry and the not-for-profit sector. So associate yourself with Education in New Zealand Consultants for the best Study in New Zealand Guidance.

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