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Master of Planning in New Zealand

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Do Your Master Of Planning In New Zealand

Take up Master of Planning in New Zealand, with the help of Education in New Zealand Consultants who give the top rated Study in New Zealand Guidance. The Master of Planning (Professional) study programme has been designed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing urban, regional and rural environment and to produce professionally qualified graduates who are analytical, informed and committed to improving the quality of the urban environment. The course offers the opportunity of cross-faculty specialization in five major areas (Urban Design, Landscape Environmental Management, Healthy Cities, Cultural Heritage, Infrastructure Planning), which are central to facilitating strategic change on complex planning issues locally, regionally and globally. As a graduate a student will be able to grasp the complexity of projects and understand the broad range of disciplines and fields that need to work together to achieve innovative, sound and effective planning outcomes.

 Details Of The Study Program From the Education in New Zealand Consultants

The Master of Planning (Professional) is relevant for those who have a related undergraduate degree or significant professional experience in this field and are looking to up-skill or enhance their professional qualifications. It is also suitable if you are seeking a career change and have successfully completed an undergraduate degree from another discipline. Students will have understanding of planning across a range of disciplines and will be equipped to collaborate on projects and in processes that deliver integrated solutions for both the public and private sectors.

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There is a critical shortage of skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners, especially in rural and regional areas, who are able to plan, design, and manage sustainable social and urban change. Due to the immense change in the planning and design industry, government and professional bodies are increasingly calling for graduate programs which address this complex array of changes in an integrated way. The Master of Planning (Professional) can provide you with the skills that will enable you to work across diverse sectors of the planning industry, with the potential to find employment in all aspects of the built environment within the public and private sectors.

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The Master of Planning in New Zealand is a professional course that can provide you with skills that will enable you to work in different sectors, associate yourself with the Education in New Zealand Consultants who will give you’ll the best and first hand Study in New Zealand Guidance. You career is in safe hands.

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