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UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE 1 - Become Cyber Security expert by 2019

Become Cyber Security expert by 2019

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Hertfordshire is place surrounded by Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire to the north, Essex to the east, Greater London to the south, and Buckinghamshire to the west. Interesting? Isn’t it? Well here is an opportunity to study in this place. The University of Hertfordshire.

Background to the University

The University of Hertfordshire is a state-funded college in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.The college is based to a great extent in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Its precursor organization, Hatfield Technical College, was established in 1948 and was recognized as one of 25 colleges of Technology in the United Kingdom in 1959. In 1992, Hatfield Polytechnic was
allowed the college status by the British government and in this way renamed University of Hertfordshire.

Organisation and Administration

The University of Hertfordshire was built up as a free Higher Education Corporation in 1989 under the terms of the Education Reform Act (1989). The organization is an excluded philanthropy. The leading body of governors has duty regarding running the college, while
the scholastic board is in charge of scholarly quality and measures, scholastic approaches, research and grant. The bad habit chancellor regulates its everyday running. The present chancellor is Robert Gascoyne-Cecil and the present bad habit chancellor is Quintin McKellar.

UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE, UK.  We are pleased to inform you that MSc Cyber Security will be offered with one year of Placement. Please inform all interested students who are looking for this course in September 2018.  Some of the Student Preferred Points;

  • Location: 20 mins from Central London
  • Experience: One of the oldest and most experienced departments in the UK with over 50 years of teaching experience. The University of Hertfordshire is one of leading Universities for Cyber Security and have been dealing with this subject since 1976.
  • Course duration: 2 years (with One Year of Placement).
  • Course fees : GBP 12,600.
  • Careers: There is a huge shortage of qualified cybersecurity experts around the world. This MSc can lead to a career such as a network system administrator, security analyst, ethical hacker or a security consultant.
  • Safety: The University of Hertfordshire is in top 5 Universities for safety in the UK.
  • Employability: 96.2% – outscoring the whole of the Russell Group including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
    • Passport first and last pages (other immigration stamping copies)
    • 10th document
    • 10+2 document
    • Under Graduation Documents: Semester Wise Mark Sheets, CMM, PC and Original Degree.
    • IELTS or TOEFL or PTE
    • Resume
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Recommendation Letters-Two
    • Experience Documents

Post submission of documents to the university 

  • Offer letter from the university
  • Pay the Initial payment (ideally 50% of the course or full fee) to university.
  • Attend university skype interview
  • Against fees payment, the university will issue CAS letter for Visa, this is sponsorship letter from the university.
  • Submit the documents as per the visa checklist
  • Vist for detailed checklist

Note: This is the general checklist and as per student’s circumstances. More information about admission, visa assistance reach Mr. Yadava Reddy or Ms.Sravani on 9985471247 or 040-33462727.

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