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masters program in france - Masters programs in France

Masters programs in France

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Masters programs in France

Being a part of French LMD system – Licence, Master, Doctorate programs; one following the other, the Masters programs in France is generally, 2 years in duration which is of great advantage to students only from India and Norway as recognition of 1-year Masters program is difficult and is of two types viz. Research masters, typically for doctoral studies and Masters for students preferring to enter job market after graduation.

A number of fees are completely dependent upon the kind of university he chooses and the type of course in the university. If one pursues an education in a public university the burden reduces to a great level as the government bears a major part of the expenditure, about €10,000 per student per year. With the cost being as low as €183 for Bachelor programs, €254 for Masters programs and €388 for Doctoral programs, it draws the attention of thousands of students in India to study higher education courses in France and achieve valuable and prestigious degrees. In case of private universities, the cost is a bit higher but still affordable in cases where scholarships are awarded to the student. The major advantage and element of attraction for Indian as well as International students is that France is the first non-English speaking country to recruit students from all over the world and more than 700 Masters courses in France are taught in English, thus assuring necessity in the fluency of French language,

Higher Education Courses in France

From philosophers, Voltaire and Montesquieu, mathematicians Descartes and Laplace, writers Zola and Dumas, artists Cézanne and Renoir to film-makers Godard and Besson, France have been producing intellects and the skeleton for this has been the continuous efforts to promote high standards education to students studying higher education courses in France.

Highly effective, useful and supportive scholarships are given for students studying in Masters which are provided by various administrations, organizations, programs like the CROUS bursaries provide funding for accommodation and living costs which are need-based and are around €750, Eiffel scholarship program awards prestigious award based on excellence and with an aim to attract international students it awards the selected students a monthly allowance of €1,180, Francophone University Association offers scholarships to selected students. Regional scholarships, which also offer scholarships to assist students in their Higher education courses in France and to attract international students, offer about 200 scholarships annually new to France through various subprograms like French Government scholarships, Industrial sector scholarships, Joint Masters, Erasmus Mundus and many others. All these scholarships contribute to funding in France for Masters and encourage students from all over the world to pursue Higher education courses in France.

To pursue Higher education courses in France, where two France’s leading universities, Ecole Normale Supérieure and Ecole Polytechnique feature in the top institutions in the world, where learning is done thoroughly with continuous tests, lab-based practical and essays throughout the year, where 2,78,000 students from all over world, a remarkable number being from India, travel all the way to gain and experience world-class knowledge and skills and if you believe France is the fourth most popular destination for study abroad and pursuing higher education courses in France, in such a magnificent place would be a wish come true, then without a thought, join us and give yourself the best of the world.

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