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Masters Programs in Germany

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Masters programs in Germany are considered to be amongst the best in the world. And the number of students applying each year to Germany for their higher education is a testimony to that. More than 8000 students apply from India alone and there are many reasons for that. Students have the option to take joint masters and Ph.D. programs or take industry application specific masters in all fields. But what really makes Masters Programs in Germany different from the rest of the world? Read on to find out:

Free masters in Germany

Study Masters in Germany:- There are close to a 1000 Masters programs in Germany across many disciplines. Moreover, the different types of universities available for these programs make the choice even more diverse. But the main hitch for students is the possibility of free masters programs in Germany. Traditionally, consecutive masters degrees i.e. students who immediately pursue a masters after their bachelors from a German university are completely free of tuition fees. Some non-consecutive programs also share this advantage but few universities charge the fees to the tune of 10,000 Euros per year.

In return students get flexible curriculum and a world-class experience in education, students can secure an admission into free masters in Germany by applying for scholarship programs at private universities also. Therefore the possibilities are endless even when you get into a university which has a tuition fee. Masters in Engineering has been a big draw recently but a Masters in management is also seen as a worthy choice. Universities ensure that master students are well versed in the German language since they are expected to interact more with the outside world than a bachelors students. This speaks volumes of the depth of the German curriculum and its relationship with the world outside.

Higher education courses in Germany

There are close to 700 English taught Higher education courses in Germany. International students have the flexibility to select courses which are either taught 100% or partly in English. In addition to that the dual verbal lexicon of German and English make students, of Higher education courses in Germany, better prospective employees of the future. Universities often introduce compulsory courses in German for their students so that they can exploit this opportunity very well.

All masters programs in Germany have more practical study and flexible course structures. Universities are known to introduce elective as well as compulsory modules of studies and masters student are more often exposed to travelling across cities and universities or industries. International students are given proper care and clubs and associations help in their daily life at a German university.

A Masters in Germany requires students to be aware of their domain. Typically bachelor degrees are the only pre-requisite for engineering masters but for a management related masters a 3 year consistent work experience is a must have. Students who possess these basic requirements are considered for admission but other requirements are dependent on the university and its course. Masters students find many course options to choose from and due to the attention given by the university to their curriculum Masters Programs in Germany are worth the effort.

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